Whether to give to the child a pacifier: pros and cons

Whether to give to the child a pacifier: pros and cons

Heated arguments around a pacifier do not cease decades. There are ardent supporters and opponents of this remarkable accessory. For now fierce fights are conducted, in each family the parents make the decision: to give or not to give a dummy and a pacifier to the kid.

The strongest arguments contra

Many pediatricians, stomatologists and children's psychologists oppose use of a dummy today, and to that there are good reasons.

The dummy contributes to the development of the wrong bite in the child. This statement is especially fair if the pacifier is in the child's mouth all the time while he does not eat. The fact is that at the birth the lower jaw of the newborn is much less top, and work of all chewing muscles is simply necessary for its alignment.

This condition is met when breastfeeding, and here when sucking a small bottle and a dummy only a part of muscles is involved that can lead to violation of dental health of an oral cavity. Also, when teeth were already cut through, the dummy promotes promotion of foreteeth forward, and it extremely not esthetically.

Specialists in breastfeeding often draw the attention of mothers to the so-called mechanism of confusion of nipples. It is that it is simpler to suck a pacifier to the kid, than a breast, as a result of mom can face refusal of the child of a breast and other manifestations of discontent. When the child is angry or frightened, he needs mother's caress and attention. Happens that at this moment instead of warm mother's hands offer him a dummy, and the kid is deceived in the expectations. If such situation becomes typical, it is capable to break psychological contact between the baby and mother.

When the dummy nevertheless is useful

Sometimes there are situations when use of a dummy can be justified. For this reason it still is one of the used accessories in an arsenal of mothers. For a start It should be noted that if for some reason the child is on breastfeeding, then he does not manage to satisfy completely sosatelny reflex during feeding from a small bottle therefore it is just necessary to give it a dummy after a meal. The sosatelny reflex at kids, except a way of saturation, performs also calm function. If mom cannot apply the kid to a breast right now or it is absent just nearby, then also it makes sense to give to the child a pacifier that he was not nervous in vain waiting. Today there are special nipples, with the slanted upper edge which are recommended by dentists, for formation of the lower jaw in case of its backwardness. Sucking promotes reduction of pain at gripes and to calm of the kid if he is strongly excited, application of a pacifier in this case too can be justified. Making the decision on use of a pacifier, it is worth paying attention that it should not turn into the most important element of life of the child, and to be only in the way to occasionally calm or distract the kid.

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