Whether ultrasonography is necessary during pregnancy

Whether ultrasonography is necessary during pregnancy

There is one riddle which all future parents want to solve. We will also talk today about it. Boy or girl? When it is already possible to define a sex of the child?

The first ultrasonography in 12 weeks are planned ultrasonography which all pregnant women undergo without fail. On term in 12-13 weeks of pregnancy still it is impossible to define a sex of the child therefore it is optional to torture the doctor at all. Your kid is still absolutely small, it will be possible to consider genitals even at great desire hardly. Then why it is necessary?

On the first ultrasonography the doctor defines not less important point – existence or absence of possible pathologies of a fruit. And it is rather serious question. I will not frighten you, telling about what problems can arise what pathologies the expert can find. Pregnant women do not need to know it. Why? Yes because the impressionability during this period at our ladies reads off scale. And to irritate and wind you now to anything. Especially as serious pathologies meet not so often, and all the rest – is treated. Therefore do not run ahead of the engine.

Besides, on the first ultrasonography in 12 weeks the doctor will determine the exact term of pregnancy, estimated date of childbirth (to within 3 days), quantity of fruits and will estimate timeliness of development of a fruit. But you know that the most important – you the first time will see the baby! And it already event!

Ultrasonography on the 22nd week of pregnancy – your second planned meeting with the kid and an opportunity to know his sex. Why the second ultrasonography is necessary? The doctor looks and estimates development of a fruit, a condition of a placenta and amniotic waters, defines a sex of the child (in 98% of cases it works well).

By the way, on ultrasonography in 22 weeks of pregnancy you will notice how your kid grew up as he moves. It, it is valid, surprising – to observe how in you the small heart fights as in you there lives a little man. I assure you, you remember this moment well.

As I already spoke, in 98% of cases to define a sex of the child will not make big work for the expert. But happens so that small the cunning turns away, kind of hesitating. Be not upset. It is clear, that you madly waited for this day at last to know a sex of the child. But it is not so important. The main thing – that all indicators were normal that the doctor did not reveal any complications or pathologies.

After all, what difference – the boy or the girl? Unless you from it will love the child less or more? You find out soon, already remained not so much. You will not manage to look back as time to collect bags in maternity hospital will come.

Ultrasonography on 30-32 week of pregnancy – is carried out making sure that the fruit develops correctly. This last ultrasonography before childbirth. By the way, if on ultrasonography in 22 weeks of pregnancy you did not manage to know a sex of future child, then, now, you have an excellent opportunity for this purpose. But consider, for these 10 weeks the child grew up, he cannot move as freely any more as earlier. Therefore the question of sex determination can remain open. Here the condition of a placenta and amniotic waters is estimated.

All pregnant women wait for ultrasonography as something special. And it indeed. At first – the first ultrasonography and the first acquaintance, then – the second ultrasonography and sex determination of the child, as a result – the third ultrasonography, and you know for sure that with your tot everything is good. And it most important!

Before ultrasonography try not to worry, not to wind yourself. You need rest now, but not a depression. Everything will be good. Try to get enough sleep properly though, I know how it is heavy to fall asleep before such event. But it is necessary to try.

And I heartily wish that doctors sincerely were surprised to your excellent indicators, and it was succeeded to define a sex of the child from the first.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team