Whether your child is able to be on friendly terms

Whether your child is able to be on friendly terms

Whether you noticed how your kid behaves during walk, on the playground? Around him there are always a lot of children or he prefers to play one aside and to watch the cheerful, noisy company? If you think that this age and "will pass then" – you are deeply mistaken.

Being fenced from communication with peers, the child loses skills of socialization that can negatively affect further establishing contacts at school, institute, at work. So why the baby avoids other children? The reasons there can be great variety, but you should not forget that each child – the personality. It is possible to allocate two main reasons which affect sociability of the child: education and type of character.

  • Quiet, diffident children cannot overcome the shyness and do not know how to begin a conversation, to make friends. Often such kids are on friendly terms only with those who and are well known long ago.
  • Hyperactive and restless children often take not only a leading place in the company of peers, but also become dictators. Their desire to succeed in everything, to be the first, despite interests and needs of other children – push away others. Enough often such children remain lonely.

All of us take changes hard – job change, moving – but it is necessary children even heavier. Change of the residence, transfer to other school or a class – always affect behavior of the child. Some time that the kid poobvyk on the new place, and then it has friends again is required.

Some children just do not know that it to be on friendly terms. If you noticed the child away from peers, then it is necessary to talk to him and to try to understand – why he is one. Perhaps, he too was fond of the toy which is recently presented to it and does not see anything and anybody around. Do not worry, it will pass shortly. But if your child looks towards the playing company and there is one – you need to join a game and to help the kid to overcome shyness or fear.

  • It is possible to organize the game: hide-and-seek, bouncers, tag or another. In such games a large number of players is necessary that, undoubtedly, will be lifted by your authority among children. Having shown a game once, do not drop out – continue, but attracting the child to themselves on replacement. So you will help it to get acquainted with children and to get new friends.
  • Get out of the house more often. You go to exhibitions, at cinema, parks, for family evenings of library – in such places there are many parents to children. Do not allow to stay the most interesting years at the computer, the tablet or the TV.
  • Be kinder and is more sympathetic to the friends, do not forget – children follow an example of parents!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team