White fever at the child: reasons, symptoms, treatment

White fever at the child: reasons, symptoms, treatment

Fever — protective reaction of a sick organism which is directed against the causative agent of an infection. Distinguish "white" and "pink" fevers. At "white" there is an angiospasm leading to a fever. Children hard transfer it therefore as soon as possible it is necessary to take measures and to try to transfer "white" fever to "pink" at which there is an active thermolysis and the risk of overheating decreases.

Causes of "white" fever

The infectious disease is the most frequent reason of high temperature at the child. Viral, bacterial, chlamydial, microplasma, fungal and parasitic infections concern to it. In a temperate and frigid climate it can be sharp respiratory illnesses, otitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. And to regions with hot climate intestinal infections are characteristic. Causative agents of diseases get to an organism of the kid through a digestive tract, respiratory and parenteral ways.

Introduction of vaccines, for example, clumsy, koklyushny, influenzal, etc. can cause "white" fever in the child. Fevers of non-infectious genesis are also rather numerous. The fever is observed at rheumatic and allergic illnesses, vaskulita, poisonings and oncology.

Symptoms of "white" fever

The name of fever precisely reflects appearance of the kid. At once the pallor and marbling of integuments is evident. Legs and hands to the touch cold. Lips get the shade is more cyanotic. Breath and heartbeat becomes more frequent. Arterial blood pressure rises. The child complains of a fever and cold. The condition of the patient can be apathetic and sluggish or, on the contrary, excited. The child can talk nonsense. Quite often "white" fever is followed by febrilny spasms.

Treatment of "white" fever

For treatment of children with "white" fever the application febrifugal and resolvents insufficiently effectively for decrease in high temperature, and sometimes at all is useless. To such sick kids prescribe medicines from group of fenotiazin: Pipolfen, "Propazine", Diprazin. The single dose is established by the attending physician. These medicines expand peripheral vessels, lower excitability of nervous system, eliminate violations of microcirculation and increase a potootdacha. Also doctors at "white" fever recommend to apply vasodilating means. For this purpose appoint nicotinic acid on 0.1 mg to 1 kg of body weight. At the same time it is necessary to give paracetamol. In case of inefficiency after twofold administration of drugs it is necessary to call the ambulance. Panadol, Taylinol, Kalpol treat the medicines containing paracetamol. Also as febrifuge it is possible to give medicines on the basis of an ibuprofen - "Nurofen". Medicines are produced in syrups and candles. Also "No-Spa" will help to remove an angiospasm. The kid should give half-tablets of medicine and to intensively pound cold extremities of the child. Febrifugal medicines will not begin to work, there will not pass the spasm yet. It is necessary to exclude all methods of physical cooling: wrapping in cold sheets and rubdowns!

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