Who can be trusted in this life

Who can be trusted in this life

Mistrust – a present scourge. Falling of the moral principles forces people to be afraid of deception, to live in a constant time trouble and not to trust sometimes even to relatives. However, not everything is so sad. Even in the modern world there are those who can be trusted. What is really difficult - it is to find such person.

The belief forces people to make feats, to start strong families and to try to obtain success. In the social world everything is under construction on mutual confidence. Commodity-money, love and other relations will not develop if people suddenly cease to believe in intentions of the partner. But, burned once, does not want to walk twice into a same water any more.

Why people become mistrustful

Each person endures treachery in the life once. The one who was protected from it most likely grew up far from society. The family, but also friends, acquaintances betray not necessarily. Anyway, the person faces a setup once, and then begins to build wrong opinion that nobody can be trusted.

That similar did not occur, it is necessary to have the mentor who will console, and will tell that on one bad person there are other fish in the sea. If such friend was not near, to learn to trust again becomes very difficult. Then people address professional psychologists.

Better safe than sorry

The known saying that it is impossible to trust someone implicitly is very relevant presently. "First try, then trust", - the motto of those who already received a lesson from life. And it is valid before entering the frank relations with the person, it is worth learning about him more, to communicate closer. It is impossible to arrange experiments at all and to try to bring the interlocutor, the friend or the friend "to clear water". It is quite possible that he has to you no vested interest behind the back, and the suspiciousness you will just spoil the relations. To see a dirty trick and bad intentions at all interlocutors – a bad omen. The excessive suspiciousness can bring to nervous exhaustion and a depression.

Filtration of information

Degree of human trust is defined by what they speaks. It is possible to be quite sociable, however to disclose to people only that information which they deserve. The normal stage of creation of the relations which usually comes to an end safely consists in it. Often people are guilty that they fell a victim of treachery as initially too quickly opened to the person who is not credible. So who can open soul presently? Of course, to relatives. Dear people do not deserve suspiciousness and mistrust even if once they brought you. The person in the right to make mistakes, but is not an occasion to enter it in the list of deceivers and rascals without the special reasons. Parents, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives – those people in whom you can trust without excess suspiciousness. Cautiously it is worth trusting friends, however and they often are decent people. It is impossible to be suspicious constantly of people, otherwise it is possible to remain forever lonely. However and it is undesirable to be frank with unfamiliar people presently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team