Who indigo such children

Who indigo such children

The riddle of indigo children is connected not only with their birth, but also with their interaction with the world around. They are often not understood and underestimate, and some adults are not able to distinguish indigo even in own child at all.

The pseudoscientific term "indigo children" was entered by the psychic Nancey Ann Tepp. So she called the children having aura of indigo color. The term extended in 90 years when actively it began to be used in the literature connected with the movement new age.

Indigo call the children having certain properties - the high level of intelligence and sensitivity, telepathy and many other abilities. They are called "new race of people", about them write books and shoot films. However today there are no scientific proofs of their existence. Some claim that the most part of signs of indigo children belongs to the deficiency syndrome of attention and hyperactivity described in psychology.

Nevertheless the people believing in indigo children great variety. Phenomenal abilities and origin of indigo children it is shrouded in a secret, many disputes are conducted about their purpose. Authors of some books claim that these children are harbingers of global disaster from which they have to save the world. The children belonging to this category have certain signs on which they can be distinguished from age-mates. Most often they become reserved and behave asocially, possess a high self-assessment and individualism, actively do not recognize authorities and persistently do not submit to parents and other adults. Indigo children are keen on creativity, having high potential in this area, they have high I.Q., they are vigorous, restless. Such children are distinguished by the developed intuition, they in everything look for justice and feel the increased responsibility for the acts. Indigo children early show the abilities. So, in four-five years they unexpectedly for adults independently master digital technologies or musical instruments, but at the same time do not accept traditional ways of education. The last fact affects the relations with parents who often do not notice abilities of the child, but actively fight against his disobedience. Having read adult wisdom in the opinion of the child and having decided to develop his abilities, parents have to go a specialized way of education. First of all, to send irrepressible energy of the kid to the peaceful course. It is impossible to put before the child of a frame, limiting his choice. You should not humiliate him, use roughness or raised tone at communication. Surely keep the promises made to the child and try to show love and caress. Accurately formulate the requests and discuss his wrong behavior with the indigo child, treat it validly and you praise for merits.

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