Who such children of a rain and children of the sun

Who such children of a rain and children of the sun

Children of a rain. They received such name after a release of the movie "Rain man". Rain as feature symbol. These are children autists. Children of the Sun are kids with a Down syndrome. At once we will note, autism and a Down syndrome are not in strict understanding by mental diseases. These are children with other perception of the world around. They demand a different approach to education and training. Often such children are very capable. Just they differ from the majority.

Features of children of autists

The concept of autism is entered in 1920, and children's autism was described in the forties last century. The main thesis at the description of autists: the child is separated with the world around when the person does not perceive or does not understand the events which are taking place around. Features of "children of a rain" are in detail described in the book E. Bleyer "Autistic thinking".

From first months of life the child with autism avoids direct contacts and interaction with adults, does not nestle when it is taken on hands. They avoid a direct look in mom's eyes, look out of the corner of the eye because they stronger developed peripheral sight. Children autists cannot react habitually to sounds, to the name.

The child autist can be capable in the field of mathematics or music, it is fine to draw, but to be helpless in everyday issues, it is bad to make contact with people. Other spheres of life and activity not interesting to autists, they can not mention at all. The coefficient of intellectual development of such children often exceeds 70 points from 100 possible.

At the correct and patient training interfaced to big time expenditure, the brought-up in love and care, such children can show considerable creative potential, to be cleverer than many ordinary children.

At "children of a rain" there are a lot of phobias. They are connected by stereotypes much more, than the average person. They fear all new and unclear. Change of external conditions even in small degree can be the present tragedy for such child. The lack of visible affections for close people, even to mother or the brother, the sister happens other line of autists. The latest theories do not consider autism a hereditary disease. More likely, the hereditary predisposition can be transferred. Appearance of autism in the child can be accompanied by patrimonial injuries, because of violations of development of a fruit during pregnancy, others, not studied yet, factors. "Children of a rain" in the world appear more and more.

Children of the Sun or Down syndrome

It is one of the most often found genetic disorders. But not a disease. In a normal cage of 46 chromosomes, a half of chromosomes fatherly, a half of maternal are also located they strictly in couples. Children with a Down syndrome in the twenty first couple have an excess chromosome. The excess chromosome only is determined by blood test by the doctor geneticist. Such deviation occurs quite often. One is the share of each 800-1000 newborns with the 47th chromosome. Today the anomaly reason is not clear. Such children can grow both in family of the scientist or the politician, and in family of the farmer or the worker from the plant. In families of the parents who are leading a healthy lifestyle or living happily. Deviations are not connected with environmental problems or climate. "Children of the Sun" are easily recognized. They have a difference in the form of the head and features, they are strongly similar at each other. Health at them usually weak, the risk of diseases of a cardiovascular system, a GIT is high, often there are dysfunction of a thyroid gland and sight.

The fastidious attitude towards children of the Sun is unfair and humiliating. Opinion that they are aggressive, deeply mistakenly. The sun symbolizes their kindness and sincere purity. And use of the term "retard" is simply inadmissible.

Usually such children lag in development, but the level of abilities far behind differs in this group. At the corresponding education children of the Sun learn to speak, read. Just they need to be engaged according to other programs. Such children can freely attend kindergartens and schools. Upon termination of training more than 80% receive professions and can successfully work in many spheres.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team