Who such guardian angel

Who such guardian angel

The person, it is free or involuntarily, it is inclined to look for protection and protection, especially meeting vital difficulties. As such protection can not always be found in the real world, people began to consider that it exists in the virtual world, finding patrons among spirits of the nature, zodiac signs and representatives of the Highest essence on Earth – guardian angels.


1. The guardian angels sponsoring mortal in one form or another meet in any religion. Still ancient people were sure of their existence, but also today there is a set of the pseudoscientific theories explaining their reality. Using their terminology, one may say, that the guardian angel who is available for each person is the certain power information substance performing functions of protection and the help, controlling execution of options of that destiny which is appointed to the person at the birth. Of course, to trust or not to believe in existence of such heavenly defender – a personal record, but, you see, it is always pleasant to realize that such protection exists, even understanding of it does the person stronger in life and is steadier in his principles.

2. It is considered that the guardian angel appears at each child soon after the birth, and during pregnancy and right after childbirth it is protected still by mother's guardian angel. When she, for example, is fated to die during childbirth or the child for her is not desired, the guardian angel comes to the kid right after conception.

3. Some people prefer to visualize guardian angels, and often their images can be met in pictures, cards, in the form of sculptures and figurines. Most often, it is possible to identify them on these images from existence of wings, but many artists show them as ordinary people - with the eyes full of kindness and wisdom. There are people who claim that they can communicate with guardian angels, they say too that externally their angel is similar to the person, but can appear also in the form of a ball of fire.

4. How your guardian angel looked, he is called to protect, protect and help you, to prompt you optimal variants when choosing decisions and actions. Its purpose is to provide for you the most favorable outcome in any situations, but to absolutely save you from troubles and problems it cannot, troubles are put in your destiny. But the guardian angel can act as the traffic controller, prompting you the choice, both in global questions, and in the simplest, household.

5. Atheists and pragmatists, of course, will consider what put here not in the guardian angel at all, and in an intuition or in luck. But it is not an essence at all how to call that will help the person to cope with difficulties. The main thing to trust in the forces and know that you move in the right direction and that helped you with the choice – accident, an intuition or the guardian angel, it is not important any more. But after all, with the guardian angel it is somehow more reliable, likely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team