Who such informal leader

Who such informal leader

The informal leader influences collective, but it is not fixed in the corresponding senior position. Influence of this person can be caused by different factors, it can bring both advantage, and harm.

Formal and informal leaders

The formal leader of collective occupies the corresponding management position. Its duties – to direct others, he is responsible for results of work. Interaction with subordinates is carried out only on business. But leadership is formed not only on a formal basis, the formal leader just can for it and not to recognize. Often formal leader is anxious with the career advance, and the emotional affection for group only disturbs it.

The formal leader possesses support in a type of the powers which are officially allocated for it. Informal becomes the leader due to the abilities and personal qualities. The informal leader is a symbol of community of group and an example of her behavior. Its allocation happens spontaneously and usually after that remains by default. Still it is possible to call the informal leader the leader psychological. Often choose that person who has the qualities which are absent at the head.

Often to formal leaders does not get charisma, self-confidence, flexibility and non-standard, energy, sense of humour. They are too imperious and aggressive, too fixated on own ambitions. The informal leader most often is engaged in regulation of the interpersonal relations in collective when formal observes the interests of the organization in general. He shows higher level of activity and participation. Other members of collective see it and voluntarily take the conducted position.

What the informal leader is

There are several types of informal leaders. "Conductor" influences collective, without departing from the direction set by the management. He feels significant because that counts the administration on it. Differ in friendliness and activity, urging on besides and the others. They usually coexist with the head peacefully. "Regular guy" - soul of the company, at it perfectly turns out to organize people for performance of tasks by the charm. To communicate as equals with the administration – pleasure for it. "Eminence grise" thinks out solutions of tasks, considering personal abilities of all subordinates. Pays attention to each trifle, on them it is possible to play successfully. In opened on the first places such informal leader does not mark, but knows that it is the first. "Rebel" - the fan to battle against injustice. He likes to fight for the rights of members of collective, but can stand up also for the management. The rebel needs to be calculated and assigned to him in time an important task that it did not decompose collective.

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