Who such skeptic

Who such skeptic

Various directions of philosophy which were extraordinary popular still B.C. abounded with various terms which reached and up to now. The scepticism as a philosophical current arose in the 4-3rd century BC. The founder it is considered to be the Greek artist Pirron. The basic principle of this direction in philosophy is the doubt as the principle of all thinking, especially doubt in reliability of the truth. Today in ordinary sense the skeptic call the person who in everything doubts and belongs with mistrust.

History of scepticism as mentality

Having arisen in Ancient Greece, the scepticism began to die away gradually during an era of the Middle Ages and again revived in philosophy of modern times.

Philosophers - sceptics criticized other philosophical views, however, the basis for this criticism there were their personal judgments which in turn cannot be absolutely objective. It is necessary to notice that sceptics played an important role in development of history, having become forefathers of materialism fashionable today.

It is no wonder what in the Middle Ages when the religious doctrine was under construction on dogmas which could not be called into question and to try to challenge, the scepticism was temporarily forgotten. Today the scepticism became a behavior manner, but not philosophy. The skeptic calls into question and criticizes any judgment without proofs convincing (in his opinion). These people in the majority materialists.

Skeptic enemy of progress?

Who such skeptic today? This is the bureaucrat and the pettifogger who will carp at any controversial document, but at the same time and the talented lawyer who will not miss any detail. This is the editor who will not pass any disputable material, will not make sure precisely of its reliability yet. These people slow down progress, but also strangely enough, promote it. What would be with the world if it would be inhabited by exclusively creative, sublime natures, visionaries, not capable to criticism and self-criticism. Sceptics, undoubtedly, slow down development and implementation of innovative technologies in life, but increase their level of reliability. It is no secret that many workers of medicine are sceptics. There is no sense to argue and reflect on the nature of developing of a disease, it is necessary to treat him correctly. Most often in group of sceptics dislike. If it is the chief, demands from the duties subordinated accurate performance if it is a performer, always tries to get to the bottom of an essence of things. The skeptic - the rationalist who recognizes primary value of reason and the main task of reason consists in the proof, and the proof is based on the truth which validity cannot be proved what contradicts requirements of reason. It turns out what - that a vicious circle and the great number of authors worked on exposure of scepticism. Really, will seem to much that it is boring to live one mind. The person can be trusted in a miracle. Many things which seemed fantastic several decades ago strongly entered our everyday life. It turns out that sceptics sentenced Giordano Bruno to death on a fire.

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