Who such Vladimir Zhikarentsev

Who such Vladimir Zhikarentsev

Today in Russia unique psychologists who help to resolve many vital issues to thousands of people work. Vladimir Zhikarentsev one of such masters. He wrote a set of surprising books, developed a series of seminars for improvement of human life.


1. Vladimir Zhikarentsev founder of "School of the World" and author of the website http://www.zhikarentsev.ru. Now he holds personal development seminars, writes books, does charity work. From 80th years of the XX century he began to be fond of psychology, studying this sphere allowed it to begin to work with people, to render the real help. It inspired at the time Valery Sinelnikov for work with subconsciousness problems.

2. The first book "Way to freedom. How to change the life" left in 1995. This practical guidance which helps to change outlook. The basis of all theory is that everything that occurs around the person - it is reflection of his thoughts. All his words and acts have the prime cause in a brain, and everything that is in subconsciousness, is implemented around the individual. In the work the question of a karma, feature of its formation is raised. But the main thing that this edition gives a practical advice on change of thinking, and is the first step on the way to transformation of all life.

3. The author of books and technologies of change of life is sure that any person can begin work with subconsciousness. For this purpose special skills are not necessary, it is enough to make the decision on desirable changes and to begin to practice meditation and various exercises. If from life to remove a condition of offense, fear, experience if to refuse condemnation and comparison, everything will become absolute another around. It is a way to happiness, harmonies, to comfort. Hundreds of people checked these methods on themselves and received results.

4. Today to begin to be engaged on Zhikarentsev's technology it is possible, reading books or attending seminars. The basic course "Finding of Internal Force" gives an idea of a peace arrangement, allows to see visually how the thought materializes, and allows to clean the subconsciousness from negative installations for a short time. Having completed this course, it is possible to begin to study easy interaction in couple, to receiving finance, finding of a condition of Femininity or Courage. More than 10 various programs for any requirements exist at "School of the World".

5. But Vladimir devoted the bigger number of works to healing of the person. He established the reason of diseases, doctors work only with the investigation. Its theory allows to remove any disease, it is only important to understand as a result of what feelings it arose and what teaches the person to. Immersion in meditation, understanding of vital mistakes and understanding of relationships of cause and effect does therapy very effective. Today it is possible to address this master for personal consultation via the website, and it will help to resolve many issues.

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