Why after an inoculation it is impossible to bathe the child

Why after an inoculation it is impossible to bathe the child

Not to bathe the kid after an inoculation — warns mom about it or the nurse who is carrying out vaccination or the pediatrician on reception before an inoculation. And why it is impossible to bathe? Whether after all inoculations not to bathe? At answers to these questions the opinions differ even at experts.


1. Any inoculation causes reaction in an organism of the kid. It is a stress and the hard work for the imperfect immune system of the child. She is busy with development of antibodies on the activators entered with vaccine.

2. Reaction to an inoculation at each kid is individual also pass to different terms. So, at some children the temperature increase happens by the evening, and at others next day or even later. Temperature reaction can not arise at all, but the immunity is all the same weakened at this time. Therefore if also additional external adverse factors are still added, then loading becomes excessive. There can be a failure. In this case not to avoid complications.

3. Bathing, in essence, is the procedure tempering. Usually the back and a breast of the kid when bathing are over warm water and are poured by it periodically. In intervals there is their cooling. Any such procedure is useful only to the healthy child. For the organism weakened by an inoculation it is an adverse factor which can cause a complication on vaccine injection.

4. Bathing of the child after vaccination in more hot water can provoke temperature increase if it was normal before. Besides there is a probability that as a result of a rasparivaniye such procedure will cause development of infiltrate (consolidation) in the place of a prick. To exclude such opportunity, most of pediatricians do not recommend to bathe the imparted child not only in day of an inoculation, but also in the subsequent two-three of days when temperature reaction can be shown. Especially it should be observed after vaccine AKDS.

5. But there are pediatricians having other opinion on bathing after an inoculation. They consider that it is possible to bathe the child even in day of its carrying out if he feels well and temperature at it does not increase. At observance of temperature condition of water during bathing such procedure will not do harm. It is only impossible to allow rasparivaniye, grindings of the place of an inoculation a bast or a towel. Bathing has to be short-term. It is the best of all to wash the kid a warm shower. The short-term bathtub will not damage to the child on condition of absence temperature at it too. It can be accepted even in the same evening after an inoculation.

6. If the kid was decided to be expiated after all, then during bathing and after it it is necessary to exclude a possibility of cold. For this purpose it is necessary to eliminate drafts in the bathroom. Not to allow overcooling of the child in the apartment after bathing.

7. All pediatricians agree in opinion that after an inoculation it is necessary to watch a condition of the baby carefully. If by the evening after vaccination temperature increased, then it is impossible to bathe the child.

8. Mom best of all knows and feels a condition of the kid. Therefore to her to solve to what recommendations to follow. And if you decided that it will be more correct to be reinsured, then your child can quite do one, two days without bathtubs and bathings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team