Why among rich and influential women there are a lot of lonely

Why among rich and influential women there are a lot of lonely

Stereotypes in society are often strong. If success and solvency for men is considered usually unambiguous plus, then about successful women sometimes it is possible to hear negative statements. Say also that such ladies lose femininity, and that they cannot construct happiness in private life.

Success of the woman - plus or minus

Polls show that more and more men (is more often strong and successful) want to see with itself a number of successful women. This is not about that the woman was surely rich and influential or left the partner far behind. The point is that ladies who took place in some business are less fixated on the relations (and the psychological dependence of the woman can irritate the man), they are more sure of themselves, often have many interests and are able to keep up the conversation on different subjects. Besides, the woman who achieved something for certain is not silly. And contrary to the put stereotype, at the moment of frankness of the man admit that the intelligence in women is very attractive to them, especially if it not the only advantage and is combined with charm and charm. The women combining mind and appeal are capable to carry away and get to fall in love men really for a long time.

Why successful women are lonely

However there is an opinion that it is difficult to successful women to find to themselves couple that men are afraid of them and from them run, and others use their money and communications. And it is right too. The vanity is a men's weak point. And if the man initially is not confident in himself if he sees that ladies are initially sillier, poorer and will not be able to become it equal, he will run away from it, or the woman will not want to communicate with him. Happens and so that the man achieved success in life, but complexes from the far problem childhood still in it remained, and then he will not want to see near himself the strong woman since will not be able to ego-trip at the expense of it.

If it plays a role of the man in couple, supporting the partner, it will leave sooner or later since will not be able to respect himself near it, and, perhaps, will enjoy its support, at the same time meeting other women on the party. However, tension in personal contact with an opposite sex can be quite justified at rich and influential women, they know that among men there are hunters to their wealth and useful communications. Besides these ladies are not able to afford to be too open that it was not used then against them. Therefore it is useful for such women to study psychology and more attentively to estimate men, however, at those who achieved much the insight usually and so is present. The main thing not to give in to feelings too early and not to create to itself illusion. The woman can frighten off any man if behaves haughtily if she is too serious and does not dare to get the joy of life. With it it will be just boring for the man or he will feel psychological pressure.

Problem or myth

From all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that the woman holding a high social status should look for the same successful and confident man. And also it is necessary to be guided by a mutual attraction and respect, existence of common interests - on what usually allows couple to have harmonious and strong relations. And here everything is already individual. In general, there is it is unlikely authentic statistics saying that among rich and influential women it is more lonely and unfortunate, than among all others. It depends on the woman rather as she behaves in the personal relations and as she is able to build them with benefit for herself. All people have reasons loneliness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team