Why appoint Cesarean section

Why appoint Cesarean section

Cesarean section – operation of a rodorazresheniye which name is considered connected with a name of the famous Roman emperor Julius Caesar (Caesar). He was born in such way: not in natural patrimonial ways, and through the section made in a stomach and mother's uterus. For what reasons the woman could not give rise independently, it is unknown, but the name of operation exists to this day.

Cesarean section is appointed when childbirth for any reasons is impossible or pose in the natural way hazard to life of the woman in labor and a fruit. Indications to this operation arise in the course of childbirth or even earlier, during pregnancy.

Purpose of planned Cesarean section in the pregnancy period

Often already in the pre-natal period of development of the child it becomes clear that he will not be able to be born in the regular way. As the reason for that serve diseases and anomalies of development of a maternal organism, such as narrow basin, congenital deformations and tumors of pelvic bones of the pregnant woman, malformations of a vagina and uterus, a divergence of bones of a pubis at the woman (simfizit). An obstacle to natural childbirth are also hems on a uterus after the previous Cesarean sections (two and more) or one hem but insolvent (weakened) and also the narrowings of a vagina and a neck of the uterus which arose owing to cicatricial changes. Cesarean section is appointed also in the presence of a serious illness of the pregnant woman. Diseases of vessels and heart, nervous system, the short-sightedness of high degree threatening with an otsloyka of a retina of an eye, diabetes, cancer, genital herpes in an aggravation stage belong to them. The surgical rodorazresheniye is carried out also if age of the primipara woman over 30 years, at long infertility if these factors are combined with additional pathology. The big weight of a fruit (over four kg) in combination with any other pathological factor, the cross arrangement of a fruit in a uterus cavity which is not giving in to correction, accrete twins ("Siamese twins), a chronic hypoxia of a fruit belongs to indications to Caesarian. If at the pregnant woman the presentation of a placenta (i.e. the placenta closes to the child an exit in patrimonial ways) is revealed, in 38 weeks of pregnancy perform operation of Cesarean section. Otherwise development of the severe bleeding which is threat to both mother's life, and the child's life is possible. Assignment of Cesarean section in the course of a rodovesla the surgical rodorazresheniye appointed during pregnancy is plan, in labor there are emergency indications to this operation. Too large head of a fruit concerning the woman in labor basin (clinically narrow basin) belongs to such indications. The premature otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters in the absence of effect of a rodostimulyation also conducts to operational permission of childbirth. Cesarean section in labor is carried out also at weakness of patrimonial activity (if medicamentous therapy does not give effect); at development of a sharp hypoxia of a fruit; at a premature otsloyka of a placenta; at the menacing or beginning rupture of a uterus; at loss of loops of an umbilical cord; at front or frontal presentation of a head of a fruit. In due time performed operation of Cesarean section saved a set of female and children's lives.

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