Why at babies the chin twitches

Why at babies the chin twitches

Tremor at babies – various manifestations of muscular twitchings which are observed at the child from the moment of his birth. The tremor of a chin or extremities is more often observed. The tremor of the head can be observed is a sign enough serious problems with neurology, and the hands or a chin here shivering during the crying or shout to three-months age are not considered as pathology.


1. The tremor at babies can arise because of immaturity of the centers of nervous system which are responsible for the movement and also because of surplus of noradrenaline at the child in blood at emotions. These surpluses arise because of immaturity of the adrenal glands producing such substance.

2. There is a critical period in development of the central nervous system in children on the first year of their life, during this period the nervous system is very vulnerable therefore there can come some failure in its normal formation. It is the 1st, 3rd, 9th and 12th month of life of your child - at this time it is desirable for thicket to visit the neurologist.

3. If attacks of trembling proceed longer, and they are observed in a year or later - it means what your child had or there is a damage to nervous system which happened during childbirth or pregnancies. Such damages have a set of the reasons: the stress at mothers during their pregnancy matters, hormones in their blood can exceed norm, only at them it was expressed not in twitching of muscles, and in other reactions, emotional. This increase in level of hormones was endured by your kid, and it could debalance endocrine and nervous system. The hypoxia during pregnancy and at childbirth promotes emergence of violations in activity of a brain too. The hypoxia arises at violation of functions of a placenta, at threats of an abortion and bleedings, at a pre-natal infection and a mnogovodiya. Weak patrimonial activity and fast childbirth, winding of a fruit an umbilical cord, flaking of a placenta – all this can lead to violation of inflow of oxygen to a brain, and will in the future be shown by a tremor at the newborn.

4. The children born premature are subject more often to a tremor of extremities, lips and a chin as their nervous system not absolutely still mature, and its maturing out of mother's organism even at the correct and good leaving will be slowed down.

5. The tremor of newborns though is considered not demanding correction application to age of 3 months, has to suggest parents an idea that it - "a weak link" of the child, and it is necessary to watch it. Nervous system at newborns – dynamic and pliable education, at timely and correct treatment it perfectly is restored and becomes stronger. Through small time your kid will become absolutely healthy. Except observation at the neurologist, the massage and gymnastics which are carried out by the experienced expert, swimming in the pool and also quiet and friendly family are surely necessary for the kid suffering from a tremor.

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