Why at the child hair do not grow

Why at the child hair do not grow

Beautiful hair – the gift by nature speaking about the state of health of the owner of a head of hear. Little children because of the bad growth of hair do not worry, instead of them parents worry. The reasons of absence or slow growth of hair can be a little.

Some children are born with head hair, and others – almost bald. Usually on the first year of life the infantile down drops out, gradually grow rare and thin, but already real hair. There can be curlies or color will cardinally change. Some parents do not attach it great value, accepting this process as natural, others worry. Especially mothers at whom girls grow worry, they so want to do to the daughters braids and tails.

Possible reasons of bad growth of hair

Growth of hair is influenced by a set of the reasons. First of all it is a hereditary factor. At happy owners of a magnificent head of hear most likely the child whose hair will be not less beautiful will be born. If men in family early grow bald, then and descendants will have no thick long hair. A lot of things also depend on race. Asians have always strong and long hair. The biggest life expectancy of hair and speed of their growth at Mongols. Europeans cannot brag of it.

Food of the kid has considerable impact on the growth rate of hair. Monotonous and unbalanced food will not bring benefit to hair. At a diet there has to be the whole complex of necessary substances: calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. It is necessary to give to the child enough fruit, vegetables. The lack of formation of a keratin of an organism of the kid sharply is reflected in a condition of a head of hear, hair bulbs weaken. Replacement of flour products with wholegrain products will correct a situation. The fragility and a hair loss happens because of insufficient receipt in an organism of iron, zinc and fatty acids. Provide presence at a diet of the child of meat, chicken, fish and oil of an olive. They say that after shaving the hair grow quicker. It's not true. Within the first three years of life the child has a slow change of hair. Only after this time it is possible to judge their state and quality. If hair do not grow absolutely, it is necessary to look for the reason. First of all it is necessary to address the local pediatrician. He will help to find out whether digestive organs of the kid normally function. In the presence of any pathology the organism will not be able to acquire the substances necessary for the good growth and development of hair. The lack of vitamin D can also be the reason of lack of hair. In the summer this vitamin is formed in an organism under the influence of beams of the sun. In other seasons the child generally gets him from food: fishes, butter, eggs, etc. If during the autumn and winter period the lack of vitamin D is found, the doctor appoints medicine in the form of pharmaceutical drops or capsules.

Hair care

The wrong hair care often happens the reason of their bad growth. Parents have to teach the child to comb hair correctly, without pulling elf-lock. It is desirable not to use hairbrushes from a tree as roughnesses on a surface of such hairbrush will systematically injure hair. It is better to apply special children shampoos to washing of hair, means are not suitable for adults. After washing the hair need to be blotted accurately with a towel, it is impossible to use the hair dryer. If in family the girl, before going to bed it can braid not hard braid: it will save from long combing in the morning.

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