Why at the child smells from a mouth

Why at the child smells from a mouth

Any changes in health of the child become the noticed responsible parents at once. There is a variety of reasons on which the fetid odor from a mouth of the kid can appear. It deserves attention.

In a mouth of the child there live bacteria. They can be divided into two groups. Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms have to be in the same quantity, as pathogenic. Similar balance - guarantee of health of all oral cavity. Some changes in an organism of the child can cause activization of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms owing to what the unpleasant smell from a mouth at the child appears.

Smell reasons

Let's consider the reasons for which it can occur:

Inflammatory diseases of a cavity can lead rtataky illnesses as a tonsillitis, pharyngitis to a bad smell from a mouth. In process of treatment of a disease of aerosols and rinsings the smell will pass. Caries or inflammation desensushchestvut special means which remove inflammation from gums. Together with inflammation also the unpleasant aroma vanishes. DisbakteriozPo to his reason a smell from a mouth of the child can be caustic. Parents spend the mass of forces for its treatment, arrangement of intestinal microflora of the kid – not such simple task. After its performance it is necessary to make everything that dysbacteriosis did not develop again.

The broken exchange veshchestvnarushenny metabolism can also be the cause of a smell from a mouth. Pathology could be acquired by the child at the genetic level from parents. These are the most frequent reasons of a bad smell from a mouth which respond to treatment, and in certain cases even pass by itself. It is necessary to tell that there are diseases at which the smell from a mouth is a bright symptom of the most serious disease.

Diseases and smell

Even if after that at the child smells from a mouth for two-three days, it is recommended to address the pediatrician. That can direct to the stomatologist and it is quite reasonable. In case this expert does not find the smell reason, then the pediatrician will have to carry out thorough inspection and diagnostics. The list of necessary diagnostic measures includes standard analyses, ultrasonography of a stomach and other internals, consultations of experts of narrow orientation. The putrefactive smell demonstrates the lowered acidity of a stomach at the kid and his inflammation. Much know that began to smell acetone – bright symptom of diabetes. This is true. The characteristic smell of ammonia demonstrates frustration in work of kidneys. The doctor only qualified will be able to make any given diagnosis therefore parents should not make the assumptions of the reason of an unpleasant smell and, especially, independently to treat the child.

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