Why babies sweat

Why babies sweat

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Your baby sweats during feeding or on walk, becoming covered by sweat biserinka; during sleep his clothes become wet though wring out. Whether it is worth worrying about it? Why babies sweat?

The fact that the baby sweats in most cases is absolutely normal phenomenon. Is known to all mummies the obvious fact that mechanisms of regulation of body temperature at newborns are imperfect. At the same time the metabolism at them proceeds very intensively, being followed by development of a significant amount of heat. The organism of the kid needs to get rid of this heat somehow. He can make in two ways – through skin and lungs. The organism of the baby emits sweat with which the baby loses water and salts which reserves at newborns are very insignificant. For this reason it is so important to try not to overheat the kid. Secretory and temperature-controlled functions are established by 3-4 months of life of the child when there is a maturing of the nervous centers. And to this age the overheating or overcooling are possible even at the minimum temperature changes of air. When in the room or on the street becomes hot, try to be especially attentive to the kid. At the slightest overheating he begins to sweat, in folds under mice, knees, on buttocks and in a groin there are reddenings – an intertrigo. Even at the small shortage of the liquid emitted then work of all systems and bodies of the baby is significantly broken. That the kid sweated less, try to dress for the period of a dream it easier, replace a blanket with easier. Too soft mattress can become the perspiration reason too. Avoid synthetic clothes and bedding with inclusion of artificial materials. Maintain temperature indoors where the baby, at the level of +18-20 degrees sleeps. On walk you watch a condition of the baby: if the neck sweated, and at the same time the kid cannot fall asleep in a carriage, most likely, to him hot. The increased perspiration sometimes can be symptom of rickets at babies. For its prevention provide to the baby administration of drugs with vitamin D. Anyway consult to the pediatrician to exclude more serious cases: heart troubles, etc.

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