Why beautiful women often are lonely and unhappy?

Why beautiful women often are lonely and unhappy?

The beautiful girl – a subject of desire of men. And its natural data - an object of envy of other women. It would seem, everything in life of this beauty has to be just magnificent, but as it is not strange, beautiful girls quite often are lonely and unfortunate in love.

Are afraid of beautiful girls

Statistically, men least of all want to be near beautiful women, intellectuals and physically strong ladies.

According to scientists, about 70% of the interviewed men begin to feel is uncomfortable and vulnerable during communication with beautiful women.

Many men, having seen the lonely beautiful woman at the table of cafe, will hardly decide to approach her, will prefer to admire from far away, without intruding upon her leisure. There is a lot of reasons. The main of them – the fear to be rejected, and any video lessons of the pickup or courses of increase in a self-assessment will not help to overcome themselves. According to men, for certain such beauty already has someone. And most likely this someone clever, successful, rich and so on.

Other reason – the assumption that the beautiful girl will demand to herself the special relation. It is necessary to be able to treat it, and there is no wish to spend time and forces on all this simply. Therefore the man will prefer to consist in the relations with ordinary women, and to be lost in contemplation of beauties from far away and to do them by an object of the male imaginations. Though it is only a stereotype, any woman would hardly refuse expensive gifts, invitations in luxury restaurants and other beautiful courtings.

It is not enough to do everything possible that the beautiful woman to achieve: then it is necessary to make still special efforts that to hold her.

It is all about jealousy

Even if the man will sweetheart the beautiful woman, will seem to him all the same that all want to be near her around and use any opportunity that to take away her. At such thoughts inside everything boils, loss will be endured in this situation more sharply. Naturally, the man would like to be the first and only in life of the beloved, and at a view of the beautiful woman in the head thoughts of army of her previous and future admirers at once are born. So attractive person – "the real diamond", the work of art. And as is well-known, masterpieces belong to all and nobody at the same time. Thus, there is a feeling of jealousy on the relation not only to its probable past, but also the future.

She is guilty

Time of the beauty remain lonely on the fault. Some of them too appreciate the natural data therefore wait for something supernatural. As it is sung in one of popular songs: "from that you lonely that fantastic prince you expect everything …" And princes and the truth will not be enough for all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team