Why before going to bed the child is capricious

Why before going to bed the child is capricious

Almost all children are capricious before falling asleep. It is important to learn what disturbs the kid. In each age children have different reasons for whims before going to Morpheus's kingdom.

Possible reasons

If the baby, to you is capricious, first of all, it is necessary to reconsider his day regimen and food. Badly those children who sleep in the afternoon too much fall asleep. Perhaps, the kid is hurt by a tummy, tooth, to it cold or, on the contrary, very hot is cut.

If it is about the baby is more senior, perhaps, he is capricious before going to bed because of constant quarrels of parents. The atmosphere in the house has to be favorable. Also crying can serve for the child in the way to unload emotionally in case adults:

- demand from it too much (its day consists of constant cavils, implementation of orders of all relatives living with the baby); - on the contrary, nothing is demanded from the kid, and he draws with crying attention to himself (so, the lack of this attention leads to excessive load of nervous system of the kid).

Ways to calm the kid before going to bed

The newborn will calm down only after you find the reason for which he cannot fall asleep and is capricious. Attentively examine the kid, perhaps, on his body there is any intertrigo. In this case the baby powder will help. Feel a tummy. If it blown up, make massage and give to the kid necessary drugs. Often in this case dill water and activated carbon perfectly helps. Air the room, look how many degrees indoors, perhaps, to the child cold or hot. Calm the baby, telling him tender words, but be not irritated at all. So, the child will feel your emotional state and will cry even more loudly. Remember, the kid during the day what is the time slept. Between day and night sleep there have to pass not less than four hours. If you try to stack the child earlier, it, naturally, is impossible to you. Why? Because the kid just does not want to sleep and in every possible way interferes with it. For the child is more senior the day regimen is also important. It is necessary to stack the kid in strictly certain time. For example, if every day the baby goes to bed at nine o'clock in the evening, he will not be able to fall asleep on an hour earlier. Or, on the contrary, the kid will never go to Morpheus's kingdom in an hour as it will simply be overexcited. Even if the child will suit a hysterics, do not shout at him at all and the more so do not intimidate. The main thing here — a positive spirit of you, a smile upon the face. Only this way it is possible to calm the kid, and to him, in turn, to fall asleep sound sleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team