Why chest glands at the newborn bulk up

Why chest glands at the newborn bulk up

The first days of life of newborns are full of surprises – the child adapts to extra uterine life, his organism undergoes natural changes. Some of them are surprise for new parents, causing serious concern for health of the child. Swelling of mammary glands at kids, often observable in the first 3-4 days after appearance of the child on light also belongs to such changes.


1. Mammary glands bulk up approximately at 75 percent of newborns – both at girls, and at boys. Most often it happens to the full-term babies with a normal weight. Swelling of mammary glands – nothing but manifestation of the hormonal crisis caused by intake of maternal hormones through a placenta in the late stage of pregnancy and through colostrum and breast milk after the delivery. After the birth the concentration of hormones in blood of the kid sharply decreases, it also causes manifestations of sexual crisis.

2. Symptoms of hormonal crisis are not only increase and consolidation of mammary glands, but also bloody or whitish allocations from a vagina at girls, hypostasis of genitalia. The maximum of manifestation of crisis is reached one or two weeks later after the birth then abate and in one-two weeks pass completely.

3. The size of the bulked-up chest glands of the child usually does not exceed three centimeters in the diameter. Significant, uneven or unilateral increase, redness, hypostasis, morbidity and temperature increase indicate a disease, rare for newborns, – mastitis, demanding immediate survey of the doctor and purpose of treatment. Normal at hormonal crisis both glands are increased symmetrically, the child does not feel pain at touch to them, the skin color is not changed.

4. The bulked-up mammary glands do not demand special leaving, however it is important not to injure them, not to feel needlessly and not to tie up hardly diapers. From them whitish or transparent liquid can be emitted – it is impossible to squeeze out it at all, it can lead to an injury of mammary glands and their inflammation. No ointments, compresses, bandages or warmings up are necessary - they can even seriously do much harm. It is also necessary to avoid overcooling and to carefully follow rules of hygienic care for newborns to prevent development of mastitis.

5. If at the newborn girl, except swelling of mammary glands, allocations from a vagina are observed, it also does not demand acceptance of any special measures, except a regular and correct toilet of genitals. Consultation of the doctor is necessary when reddening and severe hypostasis of genitals and also in case the child is uneasy also touches at a podmyvaniye or change of a diaper obviously hurt it.

6. According to experts, hormonal crisis demonstrates normal adaptation of the newborn to life out of a maternal womb. In the future sexual crisis does not render any influence on health of the child and his reproductive abilities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team