Why children about one year are given quail eggs

Why children about one year are given quail eggs

Eggs in moderate quantities are very useful product. However usual eggs can be the cause of allergic reactions, especially at children. Therefore it is better for kids to allow to eat quail eggs which never cause diathesis even in those to whom eggs are contraindicated.


1. Quail eggs are a product which contains many biologically active agents. In them it is much bigger, than in eggs, vitamins, iron, phosphorus and potassium. Quail eggs are the peculiar concentrated natural set of all necessary substances for the person. Therefore consumption of eggs of a quail is shown to all children, and especially small, about one year to contribute to the active growth and the development of the kid.

2. However, it is necessary to remember that the yolk of egg is entered into the first feeding up of the kid only since 6 months. As well as any other food, it is necessary to check it – what there will be a reaction of an organism. Gradually the quantity of a yolk can be increased until the child eats a single whole egg in day.

3. High content in quail eggs of vitamins and minerals helps to save up gradually them in an organism, and leads to increase in immunity of the child. And aged about one year the immune system of the kid is actively formed therefore consumption of eggs of a quail can help with this process. Besides, it was noticed that consumption of these small multi-colored eggs helps the children who are lagging behind in growth.

4. Regular addition of quail eggs helps to develop in a diet to mental capacities of children. It was proved by the Japanese scientists, to children in Japan add to a diet of 2 quail eggs in day.

5. It is better to use quail eggs in the raw, however not all children love them. For the child it is possible to boil them. Besides, mom can use crude eggs of a quail at preparation of puree or in soup. Then the kid will receive necessary vitamins too. The minerals which are contained in quail eggs help to strengthen bones and to stabilize work of internals, at their regular use. It means that quail egg has to be an irreplaceable element of baby food.

6. There is no need to invent additional vitamins and additives, the nature already provided everything. Especially as it is possible to be sure of purity and safety of quail eggs. Quails are the birdies resistant to various diseases therefore they are supported only in the enclosed space, without performing vaccination. And it, in turn, well affects quality of egg.

7. Quail eggs are vitamins and minerals without side effects, and risk for health of the child. And the child about one year, and at more advanced age, needs to give the most useful and checked food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team