Why children about one year cannot milk

Why children about one year cannot milk

Cow milk — that it gives to the kid: advantage or harm? In what the reason that it is not recommended to enter into a diet of children to one-year-old age? Answers to these questions are not so unambiguous as can seem. Today most of experts inclines excluding milk from products of a feeding up of the child about one year.


1. To answer the questions posed, scientists of the whole world made a set of experiments. Result of researches was the fact that and the woman fundamental differences have milk of a cow. Therefore they will create the conditions necessary for development of the cub.

2. Two fundamental differences on which experts place emphasis are different growth rates of children and calfs and difference in their requirements for micro and macrocells. In this regard different types will not suit each other food.

3. The main thing in development of calfs — rapid growth. They in two years differ in nothing from adult individuals any more. While human children at this time still absolutely kids and requirements at them others. In the first year of life children need food not so much for the physical growth how many for development of a brain. And here a completely different set of substances is required. In particular polyunsaturated fatty acids which in female milk are enough for improvement of a brain of the child what you will not tell about cow milk.

4. Protein content, responsible for growth rates, in cow's milk is three times more, than in breast milk of the woman. The adapted mixes also have excess amount of protein. But its number nevertheless is less, than in cow.

5. The structure of cow's milk contains such amount of salt, calcium and phosphorus which exceeds their concentration in the woman's milk three times. The organism of the baby does not need such number of these substances. Therefore yet not strengthened and undeveloped removing device of the child works with an overload. Kidneys carry out big loading, than that on which they are calculated.

6. Distinction of structure of these two types of milk huge. In cow's milk there are no amino acids, such as taurine and cystine. These amino acids have positive effect on heart and a liver respectively. Also there is no folic acid. And this substance is very important in development of the baby.

7. Cow's milk contains few vitamins, iodine, iron, zinc, copper. The insufficient quantity of these elements causes serious diseases in the baby and can provoke an arrest of development. In this regard maternal milk is an irreplaceable product for her child.

8. It is possible to add to all aforesaid that maternal milk contains the substances which are responsible for development of the immune system of the baby. They have the protecting effect from inflammation and development of infectious diseases. In this regard milk of a cow will not be able to replace women's.

9. Production of baby food reached today that level when the adapted mixes are as close as possible to structure of breast milk. And still any mix does not reproduce precisely the woman's milk therefore the best food for the child is mom's milk.

10. Scientists established that cow's milk can be partially acquired by the child's intestines at the age of 1.5-2 years. In this regard children of the first year of life are not recommended to milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team