Why children cannot be beaten

Why children cannot be beaten

Why adults raise a hand against the child? There are parents who consider that it is the correct method of education and children only this way and understand what can be done and what is impossible. Others realize that they arrive badly, suffer a remorse after hit the child, but then again act as before. If you and washes away to slap the disobedient child – stop! Sigh, count about yourself to five and ask yourself several questions.

Whether the child understands for what he is beaten?

The child can not understand absolutely sincerely why you so do not like his behavior. Really, very cheerfully to smear ketchup on brand new wall-paper. Such bright and amusing figures turn out. You should not praise for similar behavior, of course. But it is possible to explain. Think what such awful occurred? How will the decorated wall-paper affect your further life? Will you get sick, start to yell, you will lose housing? It is possible to remember this ketchup with laughter and to tell the grandchildren what their dad was a rascal. And it is possible to seed forever in the child's soul fear and mistrust.

Whether all at you as it should be in family? If the child behaves badly, and absolutely intentionally is a sign of the fact that in family some problems. Most often the child just draws with the behavior your attention. But you only confirm with each blow that you do not want to find the true reason of bad behavior of the child and to eliminate it peacefully. Sort out at first yourself and do not break mentality of the most expensive to you a being. People who in the childhood were humiliated by parents are patients of psychotherapists very often.

Do you want the child to love and respected you? It is difficult to love the one who hurts you. With each punishment the attachment of the child will become less. He will lie more often. If to tell the truth, it is possible to receive a slap or blow in reply. The abyss between you will become is deeper. The fear of punishment alienates the child from parents, there cannot be a true friendship meanwhile who punishes and who submits. For what purpose you beat the child? The very first answer which comes to mind - to punish. And what you want from punishment? That the child realized how badly he arrived? And you really hope, the child that crying, offended after your blows will go to himself to a corner and will think how to improve? No. It will be in despair, he will feel small. He will be angry and think of revenge. Because violence can generate only reciprocal aggression. And if it is not visible at once, so hid and is waiting in the wings. Come round, you not in the battlefield. You in family, in that place where everyone has to find the world, love and understanding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team