Why children do not love school

Why children do not love school

The child, since the smallest age, learns the world in details. It is very important to gain new knowledge for them. To be wiser than peers, earning thus the authority. Of course, many will ask why then children so do not like to go to school?

It depends first of all on how parents taught them in the childhood a word study. If the child learned the world and studied in games, but not in compulsory duties, it will have an aspiration to knowledge, and he will categorically not refuse to study. If, it was forced, forced and punished, then it can become the sign of a protest. So, called "I do not want - I will not be!"

Also the aspiration to study and depends on the first teacher. He has to be kind, understanding children and moderately strict. Unfortunately, at our schools often there are also teachers – tyrants. Such teachers are capable to cultivate in children only rage and hatred and to absolutely beat off aspiration to training. Attend more often school, communicate with teachers and then it is possible to reveal such teacher and to save the child from an untoward influence.

Surely it is worth paying attention to what objects the child has tendency that at it turns out best of all and at the same time to be pleasant. It is better to develop what is given, than to force to study strongly a subject which is not pleasant to the child.

As a rule "cramming" it is good not to eat. It is necessary to learn by heart the verse or formulas, of course, but here you should not "cram" completely a subject, it is the best of all to listen carefully to remember and understand. When the child understands what he studies, it gives him ease in assimilation of a subject.

If desired it is possible to develop mnemonic at the child. It is science which allows to remember large volumes of information that will positively affect training of the child. There is a special mnemonics. The book by professor A. Gulia "The small book about big memory" will help to bring up the genius.

Repetition in training also plays an important role. Repetition of verses, tables, formulas, develops force of storing in the child and than it is more often, that will be more simply and quicker next time.

Many parents are mistaken that only teachers at schools have to teach the child. Of course, it is incorrect. Coming from school, home, the child has a duty to do homework. And here at this moment near it there are no teachers who can help, near it parents.

Find time for children, help to do homework, distract from daily cares and spend time together, the child will estimate it.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team