Why children grit the teeth

Why children grit the teeth

Bruksizm is a periodically arising reductions of chewing muscles which are followed by a gnashing of teeth. Such symptoms meets almost at a third of children of preschool age. Usually manifestations of a bruksizm are single and short-term, do not demand treatment and take place by 6-7 years independently. But frequent and long attacks can become health hazard of teeth and demand consultation of the expert.

The reasons of a gnashing of teeth are definitely not defined. Presumably, this combination of problems in an oral cavity and a psychological stress. Sometimes the bruksizm is caused by hereditary features of the structure of the maxillofacial device, for example, violation of a bite. Such defects improve in dental clinic. Often children can grit the teeth from an itch in gums at eruption. Such bruksizm can arise both in the afternoon, and at night. It passes with the end of growth of teeth.

Some kids like a sound of a gnash of own teeth, they begin to do it specially. In this case it is necessary to try to distract them from this entertainment.

In the people there is a myth about communication of a bruksizm with infection with worms. But the medicine did not find any confirmations to such statement. Therefore without carrying out researches, it is impossible to give to the kid gritting the teeth glistogonny chemical medicines "just in case". Any such medicine is toxic. It is better to offer the child of a dish with garlic and pumpkin sunflower seeds.

The most common cause of a bruksizm increased load on nervous system is considered. Such state breaks dream depth that is followed, except a tooth gnash, a talk in a dream, a sleep-walking, nightmares and night incontinence. Good impact is made in this case by antistress actions: walks before going to bed, quietly spent evening, relaxing baths and broths, airing of the room. As additional treatment the doctor can prescribe medicines of calcium, magnesium, group B vitamins. It is necessary to adhere to the correct daily routine, to avoid excessive physical and nervous tension for the child. He has to eat, not abuse rationally and systematically carbohydrates and caffeine. It is very useful to talk to the child to be aware of all his problems and doubts. Such warm conversation before going to bed will help the kid to relax and leave all grieves in the leaving day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team