Why children grow at spoiled

Why children grow at spoiled

Appearance of the child in family is a heavy responsibility and the increased attentiveness to all surrounding. Each kid needs the correct education and thorough leaving. How the child will behave further, in process of growth depends on education.


1. Many parents complain that children, aged from one year also are more senior, cease to obey them. In what can business be? Actually, there is a lot of reasons. One of the most widespread is the phrase "We allow the child all". Some parents quite often indulge the children nearly from the first days of life. It is a big mistake. Allowing the children everything what they wanted, parents often do not understand that they create to themselves problems. And the child is more senior, the more there are his inquiries. And when parents begin to realize that they did, becomes late. The child makes row if began to refuse to it something. Happens and so that having made the child cry, parents hear in the address various threats and damnations from the child. Then that parents clutch at the head and ask a question very logical in this situation: "And what to do?"

2. If the child was capricious, having heard refusal, you should not abuse it and is strictly forbidden to give it because of what it went into a hysterics. It is necessary quietly, surely, firmly to tell the kid that will only talk to him after he calms down. If such situation arose at home, then it is possible to leave the child of one in the room, but for a while. Children, despite small age and capriciousness, nevertheless are capable to control a situation and quickly understand that in such situation they will definitely not win.

3. Re-educating the spoiled child, parents meet various difficulties. It is very heavy to work with children who got used to try to obtain everything by means of hysterics. It is necessary to understand that on re-education of such child many forces and time will leave. Therefore if parents really want to save from tortures and themselves and the child, then they should stock up with patience and iron will power, if something happens, not to give a weak point and again it not to appear on a string at the disobedient kid. When the child gets used that he gets everything and at once, it influences his relation to the world around, namely – the passive relation develops. Growing, such children most often become egoists, they are not concerned at all by desires of friends, acquaintances, relatives. That it needs be not to allowed, brought up the child correctly and since childhood to appropriate it rules of good behavior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team