Why children kiss

Why children kiss

Children clean and open persons. They often do not know what is self-interest, deception and other displeasure which adults so often use. Why children kiss? So they express the love and sympathy for the person. At a kiss children imitate adults who also express with people.


1. Children often kiss the relatives, fathers and mothers. So they express the pure love and sympathy, the actions imitating adults. But happens that children kiss with each other, and parents begin to think of this behavior. Whether their behavior is correct or here parents should prick up the ears?

2. The children's kiss is absolutely deprived of the sexual idea, it is clean and innocent. But action is frequent though and is asexual, it has a certain sensual loading. Children, as well as adults, are also capable to feel love and tenderness. First of all the child to learn to kiss the family, further he ""pours out"" the tenderness not only on relatives, but also on the friends. So innocent kisses are the sorts a training of the real feelings. It turns out that all this manifestation of rudiments of sexual feelings.

3. For the first time the child shows interest in an opposite sex at the age of 3-6 years. The child is very interested in this age in the outside world, it very inquisitive, and it is shown in many aspects. That is study not only external aspects, but also also the (and stranger) bodies. Therefore there is interest in an opposite sex which is projected through kisses, for example. Here to you and games in the doctor and the patient, different tricky questions. About mental correctness of carrying out your child you will be prompted by your children's psychologist, the teacher or the doctor. However categorically you should not stop natural researches of the child. Best of all to explain to the child in a simple and available form a difference between floors then when he the first time is interested in it. It - the open book, and is better to obtain information on this question from lips of parents.

4. How to react to parents to children's kisses? If you noticed that your child kisses, then first of all do not begin to panic. If other child does not protest, best of all do not interfere. Your rough and direct intervention will negatively recoup on children's mentality. The child to spite of you will be able to show really unhealthy effect to the sexual background of a kiss (sex). The negative print will recoup as sexual deviations in adulthood. It is the best of all to be the outsider. To unostentatiously stop a kiss only when the second child expresses a protest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team