Why children like to feed animals

Why children like to feed animals

Children mostly love animals. Therefore they like to carry out everything that is connected with them – to walk, bathe, comb and, of course, to feed. However if a part of a routine is connected with touches, than it is possible to explain love for performance of such actions why children like to feed animals with the adult not always clear.

Such process as feeding of an animal, performs to time several different functions concerning the child. It and educational (the kid learns that is eaten by brothers smaller), and leaving bases (animals eat absolutely other food), and training in care (if not to feed an animal, it will get sick and will die). Children have reasons for which they like to worry about pets.

Why at children joy causes the necessity to feed an animal

One of the reasons for which children like to feed animals is age of kids. The earlier parents will teach him to impose a forage in a plate to the pet and to pour milk or water, the is more senior and the child will more responsibly feel. Trust it not much much, and care of the living being who - at all not the toy, and from a lack of attention can not survive.

Before completely trusting the child process of feeding of the pet, it is necessary to make sure that he understood how it correctly becomes how many and what needs to be imposed and poured and also remembered, what bowls for what are intended.

Over time, in process of growth of the child, he can trust such functions how to get a forage from the fridge or a locker, to take milk from the shelf of the fridge or water from a special bottle or a decanter. Besides, it is necessary to teach the child to the schedule of feedings and the fact that he has to watch closely whether the pet ate or not. The sincere gratitude of a dog or cat, or parrot will become an award to the kid for such attention. One more reason for which children like to feed animals is tactile feelings. So, for example, kids are enraptured if the cat or a dog, a horse or a giraffe, during feeding from a hand pinches from a palm of sterns. It for children both is terrible, and is pleasantly disturbing.

During feeding from a hand the parents have to watch closely the kid and not to leave his one. The animal it is also an animal, and it can accidentally bite or wound the child.

It is pleasant to feed an animal to children also because so they get to themselves the reliable and loyal friend. The pet will not snatch or avoid the person who feeds him. Besides, animals recognize the kid feeding them as the absolute master and will stand up for him as required faithfully and truly. For example, dogs on walk will protect the child from offenders. Cases when also cats bravely rushed on protection of the juvenile owners are known.

What needs to be considered

It is necessary to teach the child to hygiene when feeding an animal. He has to understand that animal - the living being also is capable to suffer from various viruses or infections. Therefore it is necessary to wash up carefully hands before imposing food in bowls. Besides, the child has to acquire at once that after that, he has to wash also hands because the animal is an animal, and his bacteria can also affect health of the kid. If the child already rather adult, he has to know that before imposing food to the pet, it is necessary to wash up his plates. On the food remains in bowls pathogenic bacteria very quickly breed. If the child is small, parents need to remind him that it is time to feed the pet. The kid is not able to differentiate accurately time yet and can miss meal, important for a pet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team