Why children love fairy tales before going to bed

Why children love fairy tales before going to bed

Fairy tales are literary narrative works with improbable, usually magic plot appeared still in the ancient time. They had instructive character and were a peculiar code of laws about the relations of the person with the nature, society and deities. According to many psychologists, fairy tales help children to expand a consciousness framework.

Language of informative stories is simple and clear to kids. Fairy tales are not sated with difficult reasonings. Their comprehension does not trouble the child. And the vital information concentrated in them easily is acquired by children. Bright images and interesting plots of fairy tales are capable to draw attention of young pupils for a long time.

Similar works develop imagination, ability to work mentally in the imagined circumstances. And it promotes formation and improvement of creative inclinations of the personality.

Evening is time of summing up day. Listening of fairy tales helps children to fall asleep for night. So, parents and their pupils have an opportunity to reconcile, communicate and find long-awaited mutual understanding.

Easy way of comprehension of the world

The easiest to explain the main concepts "good" and "evils" to kids by means of fairy tales. Characters of such works most often are divided only into bad and good. In fairy tales by villains punish. And strong and courageous, clever and sympathetic heroes receive remunerations for excellent acts. On the basis of the obtained information, at children the main moral judgments are fixed. Then they are had to real life. Intellectual development of the child has to happens systematically. Small children morally and physically are not ready to make excessive efforts in this area. Therefore at first it is worth paying attention to an emotional component of formation of the personality. Fairy tales are one of the most available educational tools of feelings. Bright metaphors and epithets of similar works help to transfer scale of emotional conditions of characters, to describe richness of the nature. It will help to impart to children love for relatives and careful attitude to the world. On the example of behavior of heroes of magic stories it is easy to tell the child why it is necessary to eat and sleep, bathe and brush teeth well. Children can explain with the fairy tale softly reality of loss of close people or the death of favourite animals. The attention from parents is important for the kid. Fairy tales help to come into deep emotional contact between the child and parents.

Effective treatment by fairy tales

As one of therapy methods on integration of the personality by doctors and teachers fairy tales are used. Many famous domestic and foreign thinkers noted positive influence of works of this type on mental development of the child. Experts with success use fairy tales for treatment of various fears, including fear of darkness. It is also possible to overcome easy psychosomatic manifestations of stresses, disorders of behavior, depressions by means of a skazkoterapiya.

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