Why children refuse some products

Why children refuse some products

The refusal of children of some products causes great concern in their parents. Capricious children do not love fish, meat, vegetables, do not drink milk that can negatively influence development and health of the child. To feed the child with tasty and healthy food and at the same time it is possible to avoid litter and scandals at a table.


1. Buy for the child bright children's ware with the image of fantastic heroes of books and animated films. You can choose together with the kid cups and plates in shop.

2. Give cottage cheese as a part of vareniki, sweet casserole, or cottage cheese jelly. It is possible to decorate dishes with bright berries.

3. Quite often capricious children refuse fish because of her pungent smell. When boiling fish it is possible to add fresh fragrant greens.

4. Be not upset if the child does not want to drink milk. The considerable number of children has no enzymes promoting digestion of milk. Therefore at refusal of this product recommend to kids up to three years dairy mixes with special structure. And the child is more senior with pleasure will eat yogurt as a part of which fruit or berries.

5. Together with chicken add fish to the combined cutlets. So the child will not guess that the dish served to him contains an unloved product.

6. Many kids do not love meat because of its consistence. For kids up to five years the product is crushed in the blender, and for children is more senior knife into small pieces.

7. Mothers worry when their child does not eat some egg as know about useful properties of this product. Make for the kid bright omelet with addition of pieces of paprika and fresh greens. The child will never refuse such dish.

8. Do not add boiled carrots if the child does not like to eat it to soup. Rub to it fresh carrots vegetable oil or sour cream salad.

9. If the child does not love salads - suggest it to crackle a leaf of cabbage or a cucumber.

10. If the capricious child screws up the face at the sight of boiled cabbage, strongly crush it, then the taste of this component in soup will be not so noticeable. Before addition in a dish crush parsley, fennel, green and onions to a condition of puree.

11. Practically each useful product to a degree can be replaced. For example, meat can be replaced with cheese, fish, cottage cheese. If the kid hates cottage cheese, replace it with meat or fish. Sunflower it is equivalent on the useful properties to creamy.

12. Do not paint a dish with the ketchup or mayonnaise harmful to children's health.

13. Colourfully decorated dishes tempt appetite. Decorate porridge with pieces of fruit and berries, turn omelet into a cheerful face, having made eyes and a mouth of carrot and a cucumber.

14. The TV which is turned on at meal time negatively influences digestion process.

15. The quality of the received food, but not its quantity is important. It is necessary to consider that small portions are easier acquired by a children's stomach.

16. If you do not want transformation of each meal into blackmail from both parties, do not promise the child for a gift for the eaten lunch or a dinner.

17. Feeding of the child with a great effort causes in it hatred to process of food.

18. Show imagination more often. Use of the egg slicer, devices for removal of a core will make a dish more colourful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team