Why do not recommend to children about one year paste with fluorine

Why do not recommend to children about one year paste with fluorine

Pediatricians advise to accustom small children to brush teeth from six-month age. But not all parents know that not each children's toothpaste can keep health of a children's organism.

Children's stomatologists recommend to begin to clean teeth as soon as the first of them appear. For the smallest there are special toothbrushes with a soft and small bristle, and it is necessary to clean the first teeth without toothpaste. Closer by a year it is possible to try to use children's toothpastes, however process of accustoming to them has to be careful, comfortable and voluntary, differently it is possible to fight desire to brush teeth for many years forward off the child.

Today producers of toothpastes offer a big variety of care products behind children's teeth and an oral cavity. Choosing paste for the child, it is important to look not only at bright packing and a smell with which it goes, but also on structure. Because fluorine which very often is a part of toothpaste is not recommended to use to children.

Features of a component

Fluorine is the fine substance bleaching and strengthening teeth. However at the same time it has a number of side effects after which white teeth will not be so necessary and relevant any more. First, fluorine is a toxic element. It kills all possible bacteria on teeth and in a mouth, but at the same time destroys tooth enamel and interferes with formation of collagen that can result in softness of bones and teeth. Especially strongly such impact is had on milk children's teeth. Fluorine long time was considered exclusively useful to teeth and tooth enamel therefore except toothpaste appeared many other procedures directed to fluoration. There was even a water saturated with fluorine. However the last researches say that fluorine can be harmless only in very small quantities. The fluorine surplus in an organism and its ability to collect can be led to undesirable consequences.

Rules of use

To reduce negative impact of fluorine on the child's organism, it is necessary to follow certain rules. First, on a dosage, not for nothing all stomatologists recommend to squeeze out a small ball of paste for a brush. Secondly, it is even impossible to swallow of a small part of such toothpaste. It is especially difficult to children to make it, they yet not absolutely well control the mouth and a glotatelny reflex. Though children's toothpastes are produced with the lowered fluorine content, all the same its hit in a stomach is undesirable. Children's toothpastes which do not contain fluorine to find not easy, but it is possible to try. Then parents will be quiet for process of toothbrushing of the child.

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