Why former dream

Why former dream

Many people rather often dream their former beloved. Psychologists explain it with the fact that after parting with the person dear to you the lion's share of time is occupied by thoughts of it, of the happened situation, etc. But some people are sure that such dreams are harbingers of some events in the future.

Why the former beloved dream? Intimate dream book

Statistics says that girls and women become the main snoviditsa of these pictures. According to intimate dream book if dreams the girl as she meets the ex-boyfriend, then in reality it says about it the cooled-down feelings to it for a long time, that all love "wounds" already dragged on, and the offense disappeared. The dream advises to move off in searches of new love and to safely forget old!

To what do the former beloved dream? Dream book by Hasse

Dream book by Hasse in own way treats one of dream options with the former beloved. For example, if the former young people come to a dream of young girls in some absolutely other images or in unusual situations, then young snoviditsa need to admit to themselves that feelings to the former love still somewhere glimmer.

Here it is possible to say that the former young man still still takes the place in heart of a snoviditsa safely. However you should not look back and try to renew the relations – already late, nothing will leave! It is better to forget this guy and to cease to chafe the soul.

Why ex-boyfriends dream? Dream book by Miller

If her former young man in the society of the new passion dreamed the girl, then changes in the future approach. At the same time new trends can leave behind both a positive, and negative trace. If the renewed relations dream, then and in reality there will be some situation which is close connected with last love. The kiss from the former beloved dreams to any given unexpected event, and sex with it – to the conflict of interests in reality.

To what do ex-girlfriends dream? Opinion of experts

If it is the most rational to argue on it, then ex-girlfriends as well as the former young people, dream because of the memoirs which recently flew in consciousness of snovidets. Men just cannot "release" the former beloved from the head and life in any way. Sometimes they go on desperate steps and call the former. After that reinterpret a conversation, estimate events by the principle "what would be if". From here and the constant thoughts of last love which are poured out in a dream. Psychologists advise such men and guys to reconsider the relation to last love, to the flown by novel. Representatives of a strong half of mankind need to think of own real life and to stop idealizing subject to the lamentations. Psychologists call this problem "an open Gestalt". The effect of "an open Gestalt" can leave a mark on further life of the man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team