Why girls like men is more senior

Why girls like men is more senior

On a question of why girls like men of more advanced age, the answer is obvious. The woman wants to feel protected and loved, and the mature man will be able to give her what is necessary.

Relations with the mature man

The man of advanced age is self-assured, as a rule, managed to get the real estate, car and situation in society and communications, is able to present himself beautifully. Psychologists consider that the lack of fatherly care of the childhood or own dependence push the woman to the relations with more mature man who will help to solve problems, will undertake all cares, will be able to protect and, if necessary, will regret as small. Besides, also experience comes with age. Including men become quieter, is more balanced, more judicious, they are able to look after beautifully, know, than to interest the darling and how to show the feelings. Under the patronage of such man the girl feels safe and it is good.

As a rule, the thirst for parties with friends and to noisy parties vanishes with age, and here visit of the museum or expensive restaurant in the company of the young nice companion can become great entertainment.

Such men are excellent interlocutors and skilled lovers. The broad outlook and rich inner world attract young inexperienced girls. It is possible to discuss long literary works and classics of cinema, to attend exhibitions and other cultural actions. Perhaps, in a bed there will be no marathons till the morning sexual, but the quality of sex, most likely, will be on the ball. What girl does not love expensive gifts? The man who achieved certain heights in career with pleasure will indulge the lady. Besides, it, perhaps, will be able to give the provided future for the children.

What it is necessary to be afraid of, getting the relations with the man is more senior?

Most likely, in such relations it is not necessary to hope for equality as he is more senior and consequently he is more skilled therefore also everything will make decisions. You should not forget that protection can turn back dependence. The jealousy of men is possible is younger. It is possible that the man was already married, and he has children from the previous marriages, so as the father it already took place and can not want to have children more. If the age difference is too essential, there can be frequent misunderstanding, problems in sexual life. It is unlikely he will be fond of modern literature and to visit clubs. Problemno will be to find a common language with friends and parents. Anyway, in each relations there are the both pluses, and minuses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team