Why guys like thin girls

Why guys like thin girls

Often girls long time strongly try to fight against excess weight. Some of them worry because they are not pleasant to themselves, and others consider that the completeness does them unattractive for representatives of an opposite sex. Therefore at "пышечек" the reasonable question sometimes appears: "And why guys love thin?" It is worth understanding it.

Why men like thin girls

It should be noted that absolutely young guys usually are negative to full girls. But the man becomes more adult, the more often he begins to pay attention to ladies with roundish or even curvy shapes. However it is necessary to distinguish too fat girls at whom it is difficult to make out a waist under layers of fat, from plump, having the expressed womanly figure.

Young guys often prefer thin as they subconsciously consider the girl with such constitution not created completely yet, that is not ready to reproduction. Guys are quite often frightened by fear early to get posterity. Adult men, on the contrary, are in search of the lady who would be capable to continue its sort. Therefore they look narrowly generally at women with rounded shapes.

One more reason, on guys are pleasant thin, - desire to be as the defender. The man looks the real hero and the knight when he is near the slender and tiny girl. Besides, guys - especially romantic - want to preserve, protect the beloved, to carry her on hands. Little and fragile girls cause desire to embrace them and to protect in men. And, certainly, it is difficult for guy to feel the hero when near him there is a woman who is higher and larger than it. Also men like thin girls if they look for in them the muse inspiring on various fulfillments. Tiny women plastic, flexible as Frenchwomen, they are gentle and easy as moths. To full ladies in this plan it is much more difficult. Of course, not all from "donuts" look heavy and clumsy. The flexibility and plasticity can be developed, but not all full girls aspire to it. The man wants to see the fairy, the muse personifying all beautiful and fine in the woman. The constitution of tiny girls reminds a figure of fairy tale characters: magicians, princesses who since childhood are put in consciousness of boys. Also it is worth noticing that the appearance of such characters has a great influence on subconscious preferences of many men.

Whether it is necessary to lose weight to be pleasant to men?

But in fact men have various tastes. You should not think that full girls are pleasant to nobody. First of all, guys are attracted by femininity. To attract attention representatives of an opposite sex, it is necessary to learn to present himself. If the stout woman dresses tastefully, hiding shortcomings and emphasizing advantages of the figure, looks is well-groomed and is accurate, is interesting in communication, is sociable and kind, at it appears much more chances to meet the love. It should be taken into account also what exists not so much men who consider attractive too thin women. The flat figure and an anoreksichnost most often push away men. Men most often like the brought-up, figuristy girls, but not with a dystrophic constitution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team