Why I stay at home? Psychology of the hermit

Why I stay at home? Psychology of the hermit

People who prefer to the companies and communication loneliness and quiet pastime of the house meet. Such individuals consciously avoid communications and do not wish to get out of own cozy world.

Psychology of the hermit

Some people avoid communication with people around. Such behavior can characterize even the individual who was very sociable earlier. The person hermit is carefully protected from contacts with people around. Only members of his family can enter a circle of his communication.

If the hermit goes to work, then tries to choose the profession which is not assuming work in team or frequent communication with other people. On service such individual communicates with colleagues only if necessary, never acts in a role as the initiator of a conversation and does not come off before other employees.

Such person comfortably feels at home. He does not love a congestion of people, takes great pain to avoid mass actions. The hermit cannot almost be pulled out on a reunion or old friends. Such parties are not of any interest to him. Among entertainments of the hermit it is possible to note reading or watching movies, walks alone in poorly populated places. Such individual can be fond of some creativity, but will not begin to hurry with the accession to some club on interests.

Asceticism reasons

The psychology of the hermit is close to introverts. These people are often concentrated on own inner world. It is of bigger interest to them, than surrounding reality. Some values which are widely accepted in society are alien to introverts. They have own opinion into that account that is really important in life. People who accumulate energy inside become hermits. More sociable people at communication are loaded with energy. Individuals who like to be alone do not need such feed. Even opposite, the hermit does not exchange energy but only gives it. Also the people who are carried away by the business become hermits. For example, the scientist whose thoughts the area of his researches completely took control will not want to spend time for any entertainments outdoors or communication with people around. Its profession, business of his life are of the main interest to it and bring the greatest pleasure and satisfaction. If the habit of the person began to stay at home acquired, to it there are several explanations. Perhaps, the individual changed the way of life because of discontent with. For example, because of excess weight some people become less and less sociable, and then cease to go at all somewhere. And all because they hesitate of own body and do not get the joy of issue. The person is afraid to receive negative assessment from people around and becomes closed. At the same time houses he feels confident and it is safe. Other category of people whose preferences concerning leisure changed thus has a rest from communication which there was much earlier. Sometimes, that the person burns out at work, and then finds the rescue in such quieter way of life. It is possible that after such vacation the individual will return to an active social role with new forces again.

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