Why it is necessary to take basal temperature when planning pregnancy

Why it is necessary to take basal temperature when planning pregnancy

One of ways of tracking days, favorable for conception, is measurement of basal body temperature. Besides, basal temperature will help to record the fact of the occurred pregnancy till first day of a delay.

How it is necessary to take basal temperature?

Basal body temperature is the most minimum body temperature excluding influence on itself of physical activities and third-party factors i.e. it is body temperature at absolute rest. It is measured in a mouth, a rectum or in a vagina.

It is necessary to take basal temperature at once after awakening. To get out of a bed, it is impossible to stretch or talk categorically, it strongly to distort results. It is better to put the thermometer on a bedside table at a bed headboard that later awakenings at once to start measurement of temperature. On the same bedside table it is possible to put a notebook or the schedule where you will note at once the taken temperature. Begin to trace it, since first day of a cycle. And it is necessary to do it every day, strictly at the same time.

For measurement of basal temperature it is possible to use any thermometers habitual to us, but preference should be given to water-proof digital thermometers. You should not have at a bed headboard the mercury thermometer, it can be brushed away easily a hand and to break.

Basal temperature at an ovulation

Make the schedule of basal temperature in a month, noting at the same time any indispositions and diseases. As a rule, during monthly temperature is slightly increased – about 37 degrees, but with the termination monthly it falls up to 36.5-36.8 degrees. During an ovulation there is a sharp jump of temperature by 0.4 degrees which keeps 3 days and again returns to normal. Tracking this jump will also help to learn about approach of days, favorable for conception. The increased basal temperature some days before periods can be sign of the occurred pregnancy.

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