Why it is useful for small children to drink milk

Why it is useful for small children to drink milk

That children harmoniously grew and developed, food and drink which they consume have to contain a maximum of useful substances and vitamins. Milk is one of such products because contains in itself many minerals which are positively influencing the growing-up child's organism.


1. Milk is a product in which high content of easily acquired calcium. It strengthens and promotes growth of children's bones and also does healthy teeth. In one other product there is no such amount of calcium and substances which promote its comprehensibility.

2. Milk contains immunoglobulins which help to cope with colds and viral infections. Therefore if the child got sick, it is necessary to include milk in a diet to accelerate recovery process. Its regular use, helps to strengthen immunity and prevents developing of diseases.

3. Thanks to contents in milk of amino acids, this drink is good sedative. When the child is run and plays enough for all day, warm milk with honey before going to bed, will provide quiet night and a healthy sleep of the kid.

4. Milk also is very useful, for formation of comfortable work of digestive tract of the child as has the properties lowering acidity of gastric juice. Besides, it forms the correct metabolism in the child's organism. It is the key to healthy development of all bodies and the systems of the growing-up person. And lactose (milk sugar) helps formation of good microflora with intestines.

5. The most useful is goat milk as on structure it is similar to maternal. Besides the listed useful elements, it contains also potassium and thiamine which contributes to the correct development of nervous system and brain.

6. If the child categorically does not accept some milk in pure form, it can be replaced with various dairy products: kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt. It is desirable that also these products were natural, house. Products which are on sale in shop pass several stages of pasteurization and sterilization therefore in them there is practically no useful substance left.

7. The danger and harm of milk can be only in its bad quality, in how supported a cow or a goat who this milk gave. It is necessary to be confident in those people from whom milk is bought. Optimum, if to take milk in the market from the same familiar sellers.

8. Milk is very important product necessary for the use of the growing-up child's organism. It is difficult to underestimate its advantage and positive influence on growth of the kid. The very first food for the kid is a milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team