Why men are weaker than women psychologically

Why men are weaker than women psychologically

In appearance women seem very fragile and weak, but actually, in terms of psychology, women are stronger, than men.

What does force of the weaker sex consist in?

It is considered that strength of great ladies consists in weakness which is shown in relation to them by men. Beginning the relations with the representative of an opposite sex, women skillfully direct the soulmates, in every possible way put them on the right track, using at the same time the small maiden cunnings. Possessing the power over the strongest man, the woman can control any situation completely.

What does the male weakness consist in?

According to experts in the field of psychology, men are the least adaptive and resistant to various stressful situations and vital changes. It is rather difficult to guys to adapt to the environment. They got used to consider mistakenly that the whole world rotates around their person, and any disobedience is capable to cause panic. Women by nature possess a maternal instinct which helps them to react more with firmness to any changes, difficult circumstances and also to fight with any, even the most extreme troubles.

It is more difficult to men to get used to the new habitat. They constantly feel responsibility for the soulmate and posterity. On guys the heavy burden of the head of the family lays down therefore any financial difficulties are capable to bring to a depression. Besides, some men, coming back home after heavy day of work, try though a little to relax, settle more conveniently in front of the TV and sink into own thoughts. The female discontent, reproaches and household problems which beat out the man from a habitual track too becomes result of it and podkashivat his self-conceit. The weakness of some guys consists in lack of own point of view concerning any given things. Such problem arises for various reasons. It can be education in family where mother suppressed the father and the child or male slackness. The second reason concerns those men who were tired to go against the stream, lowered hands and completely sent themselves to submission to the soulmate. The third reason of male weakness can be considered indecision. Guys who are not capable to make quickly and in time crucial decision, most often miss the moment and an opportunity, derailing the life. The fourth reason - excessive sensuality. Too emotional men have weakness too, from time to time being exposed to excessive emotions.

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