Why men like long female legs

Why men like long female legs

Beautiful female legs were always a subject of special attention from the stronger sex. And if the long-legged woman is able to emphasize this gift of the nature with successfully picked up clothes, graceful footwear and beautiful gait, then she is simply doomed to the increased male attention. What is behind such men's interest why men so like long female legs?

Erotic version

It would seem, the secret of special appeal of long female legs to men is solved simply. In mass consciousness the thought firmly took roots that long legs – indispensable attribute of female beauty and a symbol of sexuality. On the Internet, photos of magnificent beauties – and everything, as on selection, long-legged flash! At beauty contests just you will not find girls the fact that with short and with average legs.

For certain therefore men who are visual at the sight of long female legs involuntarily instantly draw erotic scenes with their owners in the imagination. However scientists put forward also other versions of a phenomenon of attractiveness of long legs.

Psychological version

Psychologists claim that there is an interrelation between length of legs and psychological features of women. Long-legged women have romantic and pensive character more often, than women with short legs. But the second stand on the earth, besides in literal and figurative sense more surely. If dlinnonozhka cannot often solve household problems, then more practical ladies with short legs cope with them much easier. It is possible to assume: men intuitively understand that it is easier for them to strike up acquaintance and just to poflirtovat with the long-legged beauty, already the nature predisposed to the romantic relations than with the sane beauty-korotkonozhkoy.

"Primitive" version

There is one more interesting hypothesis. In primitive times long-legged ladies as they had more chances to survive for certain were more appreciated – on long legs to escape from predators, natural disasters quicker and to save posterity. Perhaps, this genetic memory remained with modern men who instinctively estimate a look female legs nearly first of all.

Anthropological version

As a result of researches of the Polish scientists the surprising fact became clear. It turns out that long-legged people in principle it is more attractive to persons of an opposite sex. So not only men stare at long-legged women. Ladies are interested in men with long legs more too. Several hundreds of men and women participated in a scientific experiment. Was computer processing of pictures of seven men and seven women of one growth is made. Changed graphically length of legs and suggested to estimate appeal of the same people. Revealed: people at whom legs are longer than average length for five percent are considered as the most physically attractive. For a long time it is known that tall persons in principle are considered as more attractive for representatives of an opposite sex. And now it is precisely established, how exactly length of legs affects physical appeal of the person.

Evolutionary and medical version

Scientists confirmed that when the man gives preference to the long-legged lady, at it the evolutionary instinct works. Long-term researches established that long legs are an indicator of better health, besides at women. In particular, it became clear that short-legged women are more subject to diseases of heart, vessels, obesity and diabetes. It appears, legs at the girl cease to grow at achievement of puberty, unlike young men at whom legs grow longer. Scientists drew a conclusion: long female legs are an indicator of good nutrition during the children's and teenage period. Then that existence of long legs is the certificate of positive conditions during physical growing of the woman and fertility. And men subconsciously react to the increased fertility of the woman therefore as a magnet pulls them to long female legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team