Why newborns cry without tears

Why newborns cry without tears

Crying of newborn children has one distinctive feature. The child can shout very stridently, in all ways expressing discontent, but to do it absolutely without tears. Within the first months of life of the kid such situation is norm.

Features of an organism of the newborn

The organism of the newborn child is completely created, however some processes begin to be carried out only after three-months age. A striking example in this case are plaintive glands. In the first month of life in plaintive channels the minimum quantity of liquid which is enough only for moistening of an eye is formed. For this reason the chest kid has no teardrops which are flowing down on cheeks during crying. The child can sometimes feel a liquid congestion, but explain the reason of the discomfort to him very hard. The baby begins to notify parents on a problem which cannot almost be noticed loudly.

The real tears appear at children aged from one up to three months. During this period to undertake special measures or to ask for the help the doctor there is no need. During crying try to give to the kid the maximum support and to calm him morally.

If you noticed that tears at the child appear without crying, then surely you address the expert. It can demonstrate to existence of problems with plaintive channels.

At the fruit which is in mother's womb, the area of a nose and a zone of a conjunctival cavity are separated by a special mucous stopper. By the time of the birth, the thin protective film begins to resolve, and within the first months of life disappears completely. Only after that plaintive glands begin to function in the usual mode. The mucous film is, a so-called obstacle for tears, it passes only the minimum quantity of liquid. Usually the film resolves in the first weeks of life, but cases when it occurs a little later are frequent.

Reasons for concern

If the child already was three months old, and tears during crying do not appear, then you should not disregard such situation. Obstruction of plaintive channels can become the reason of such state. In order that the mucous film resolved, it is necessary to take some measures.

If after crying at the child throughout a long time the reddening of corners of eyes remains, then it can be sign of presence of an infection. The kid in this case should be shown to the expert.

Pay attention that during crying you should not consider lack of tears a disease. Only in rare instances contamination of plaintive channels can be followed by emergence of reddening a century or pus in corners of eyes. Experts for disposal of such problem appoint courses of treatment special solutions for wiping of plaintive channels. If the lack of tears is not followed by visible complications, then as preventive measures it is possible to use regular washing of the child infusion of a camomile and light massage a century. In the first months of life the crying of the child should pay special attention. Sometimes obstruction of plaintive channels can appear much later. Cases when mucous films are formed closer by six months are known. If infusion of a camomile and massage do not bring a century the necessary result, surely show the kid to the expert. Perhaps, the special course of treatment is required. Do not forget that your levity can entail serious consequences for health of the child.

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