Why parents shout at the children

Why parents shout at the children

Each parent sometimes should raise the voice on own child. At all on it the reasons. Some say that children do not perceive that information which is conveyed by quiet tone. Others so abuse the kid. Psychologists consider that increase in a voice is first of all manifestation of weakness of parents.


1. If mom with dad cannot quietly agree with the kid, then in fact the problem consists not in the child, and in parents. Constant shouts to the kid affect him not in the best way and are even capable to do much harm to children's mentality. Besides, shout can pass into a habit, and the child will communicate in precisely the same way with people around and even with the parents.

2. Usually after parents shouted at the child, they sincerely regret, but after all continue to raise the voice from time to time. On it there are certain reasons.

3. Adults perfectly realize that the child is much weaker than them. Parents often just pour out all the emotional pressure which collected, for example, because of problems at work, quarrels with the spouse. That is it is obvious that the child is not guilty of all this, but to him all the same gets, and all because adults understand that the child will not be able to answer them. Thus the kid becomes a certain lightning rod and even a punching bag, and he very quickly gets used to this role, and in further adulthood he will adhere to this role as it is habitual to it.

4. Each parent till the birth of the child has certain representations about is mute. Parents dream that, for example, their son or the daughter surely will be excellent students, will do certain sport. But the child is an individual and he not always meets expectations of parents. If mom with dad too seriously treat it, then because of it they break on the kid. The child begins to understand that he does not meet expectations of the parents, and it can lead to complexes.

5. Adults constantly somewhere hurry, they want to make all as soon as possible, and here children keep regular life and do not plan to hurry anywhere that quite often irritates parents. Therefore they begin to raise the voice that the child made haste. Though actually the rhythm of life of the child needs to be respected, the child has the right to enjoy every minute of the life, it is not necessary to forbid it to it.

6. To explain something to the child it is most available and quiet - very hardly therefore it is much easier for many parents to shout. But it is a problem of parents, not the child has to improve, and mom with dad are obliged to learn to communicate normally that it was not necessary to resort in the course of the conversation to shouts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team