Why people adopt other people's children

Why people adopt other people's children

The reasons of adoption lie on a surface. And usually they are connected with certain objective circumstances. But the motivation of adoption is not so unambiguous at all.

At first sight, motives of adoption if they have no expressed asocial character, are not so important. In any case, so considers our state. Also there is in that the homespun truth – it is difficult to spoil the fate of the child who got to systems more than already is. But here further existence of new family, interaction of adoptive parents and the kid, in many respects is defined by initial motives of adoptive parents.

Strangely enough, but social advertizing of orphan children popular recently harms more, than helps. The interesting fact - after active introduction of such rollers in media the number of adoptions not especially increased. And here the number of cancellations of adoptions – grew. Because impulsive acceptance the decision to adopt the child cannot form the basis of successful family. It is a game in "rescuer". And rescue – a single action. While the family is a way of life.

Desire "is closely connected with this motive to break an applause" - to make certain "feat", to receive a praise, to show the high morality. And here it is necessary to consider that not everyone estimates adoption as a positive act. And that the child will remain in family forever. And life long "feat" – a task impracticable.

Also the motive "is similarly destructive to become as all", dictated by feeling of inferiority of childless parents. A problem of such families in already created expectations which children "from a system" seldom meet. Frankly speaking, and not "from a system" - it is rare.

The situation with "child replacement" is especially heavy. The inability to endure loss pushes the parent on "wedging" of the reception kid in an idealized image of the lost native. And so before rejection of the child by the parent or deformation of the developing personality.  

One of modern motives – material benefits. And, perhaps, it is more honest, than already considered. Though for already injured child the attitude towards him as to means of obtaining any material values will not do good too.

Here also it turns out that the only appropriate motive of adoption which will allow to overcome all future difficulties of adaptation, - insuperable, sincere desire to share love.

In fact everything is much more difficult. As a rule, several reasons are the cornerstone of an act. But after all main, defining, the love has to be the cause of adoption.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team