Why people condemn others

Why people condemn others

Some people sin with malignant gossip. They cannot keep from gossips and discussion of others. For this purpose there are several reasons - from discontent with own life to banal envy to others success.


1. Keep in mind that sometimes people condemn others it is better to seem in the opinion of people around. It is for this purpose optional that some person committed an awful crime, it is rather simple to violate social norm. That did not think that the individual approves such indecent behavior, he pours in the voice in chorus of indignant. It is quite possible that he sins with similar views or the principles. But until he was caught red-handed, he pretends to be an angel. Such individuals are called hypocrites.

2. Other individuals are inclined to condemn others for what to ego-trip at their expense. Such people possess a low self-assessment. At heart they consider that nothing was reached in life, but instead of setting to themselves ambitious goals and to reach them, prefer to gloat over failures of other individuals. In such cases in people tells rage on himself, dissatisfaction with the life. They consider, they were unfairly offended by destiny, and come off on others.

3. Some people cling to each occasion to be glad to failures of those to whom they envy. In vital disorders of those who achieved bigger than they, these individuals see manifestation of some higher justice. It concerns not only envy to acquaintances, colleagues and friends, but also gloating concerning failures in life of stars. Envious losers hate rich, well-known, young and beautiful. They are glad to any occasion to sling mud at them.

4. Sometimes people condemn others, even without noticing it. At some quarrelsome individuals such behavior already became a habit. Their negative is directed not specifically to this personality. They just constantly express discontent with the events. At such people a certain critical spirit was created, and they cannot stop any more. Such bilious character can appear with age, from behind a certain circle of contacts or problems with health.

5. Happens that people condemn others as they think, fairly. They sincerely are indignant to someone's behavior or words and cannot keep from criticism. Such persons should reminding that violators of their tranquility can have personal motives to arrive quite so, but not differently. Besides, it is always necessary to do a discount for feeling sick, household problems, fatigue and annoyance of people around. People who like to condemn others forgive themselves for similar offenses, considering circumstances, but do not adopt this position, when it comes to people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team