Why recommend to dilute fresh juices

Why recommend to dilute fresh juices

Undiluted fresh juice can not always be used in drink. Many fruit juice in pure form has destructive influence on tooth enamel and walls of a stomach. Vegetable juice in pure form renders poslablyayushchy effect.

Fresh juices, despite the usefulness, can conceal in themselves some threat for health. For this reason many experts advise to dilute fresh juices with water or other juice.

What is juice dangerous by?

First of all, citrus fresh juices contain huge amount of acids which can negatively affect a condition of a stomach and liver. But if there are no special contraindications, then it is not obligatory to dilute such juice with water. The citrus juice and fruit juice rich with cellulose is considered a good combination (for example, apple or pear). And grapefruit it is recommended to dilute orange that concentration was optimum for an organism.

Secondly, some fresh juices have laxative effect. For example, beet juice in an undiluted look can become the cause of severe diarrhea. Pomegranate undiluted juice is not only depletive, but also a fast way to destroy enamel of teeth. In a type of strong concentration such juice is drunk only diluted with water. Thirdly, some types of juice are contraindicated to people with various chronic diseases. For example, sick diabetes categorically it is impossible to use in drink grape fresh juice in an undiluted look. Extremely it is not recommended to drink apple and cabbage juice at the aggravated gastritis and pancreatitis, stomach ulcers. How to dilute and chemyablochny juice from green grades is recommended to be diluted with water in the ratio 1:1. Mixing of fresh apple juice from red grades with peach or apricot juice is allowed. Such combination is optimum for perception not only for a stomach, but also for tooth enamel. Carrot juice is not diluted with water. Usually it is mixed with other fruit or vegetable juice. For example, with apple or pumpkin juice. It is not recommended to use often carrot juice in pure form as it has laxative effect and also the frequent use can affect skin color and tooth enamel. Cabbage juice is diluted with water before the use in a combination: on two parts of juice – one part of water. Exclusively warm boiled water is necessary for mixing. Pumpkin fresh juice with pulp is quite often diluted with water or other juice. For example, apple or carrot. That fruit or vegetable juice brought more benefit, it is expedient to mix them with each other or to dilute with water. Fruit juice with pulp is seldom diluted with water as pulp well envelops stomach walls, preserving it against acids.

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