Why school students smoke

Why school students smoke

From year to year smoking does not stop being the main social disease of society. Most of all the most defenseless – children are subject to it. Passing near any of schools of the modern city or the village, it is necessary to notice the young school students hurrying not to breathe at all fresh air during a break, and to fill the organism with smoke of cigarettes quicker. Statistics is relentless: modern school students begin to smoke in 12 years.

Why children begin to smoke?

Each child has the way to a cigarette, everyone in own way begins to get acquainted with not the most pleasant part of the adult world, however the majority comes to smoking for the same reasons. Despite the bans of parents, teachers and a constant talk about harm of smoking, children enter on this slippery path. So why school students smoke?

The simplest, and, perhaps, one of the most correct explanations – an example of adults. How many at school repeated about how harmfully to smoke and consequences are how terrible if he sees the smoking adults around, he tries to imitate. If someone from family members smokes, smoking becomes way to get closer to this person.

The example of heroes of movies and advertizing which add a cigarette to an image of the rich and successful person forces children to try to smoke in attempt to become similar to the idols.

To smoke – it is fashionable and available

The school student can stretch to a cigarette if in his environment peers or more senior children smoke. As a rule, such children begin to smoke in the companies under the influence of friends and acquaintances where smoking is considered fashionable. First, it adds authority on eyes of others, this action blamed by adults does the school student "is more adult". Secondly, feeling of community and participation which the school student begins to feel, becoming "such as all", allows it to come into contact with other children. Quite often own curiosity and desire to have new feelings and also idleness and lack of interesting and useful occupations become the reasons of the first acquaintance to a cigarette.

In this case new entertainment of the school student quickly becomes an addiction.

Availability and low cost of cigarettes in the market also add the reason to the list of the answer to a question. Today, despite laws on the ban of sale of products from tobacco, any school student is able to afford to get a pack of cigarettes even on money from pocket expenses. To warn a problem, parents should study attentively together with children of the reason, harm and consequences of smoking, to explain to children as it will affect their organism. Only then it is possible to count that the school student will think before opening the first pack of cigarettes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team