Why semolina porridge is not recommended to give in a feeding up

Why semolina porridge is not recommended to give in a feeding up

Semolina porridge – a tasty dish which quite often is associated with the childhood. However in recent years pediatricians recommend to refuse introduction of such product to a diet of kids. This milk porridge is undesirable in the menu of children about one year therefore as the first feeding up it does not approach.

Mothers and grandmothers of modern parents as the first feeding up most often offered children not only vegetable and fruit purees, but also porridges. First of all, semolina. Such dairy squash is well and quickly acquired, grain does not need to be crushed. But today doctors advise sweet semolina to remove from a diet of kids because this porridge can do harm.

Semolina porridge is not recommended for the first feeding up because it contains a lot of starch – up to 70%. Not created completely digestive system of the baby is not capable to cope with digestion of such amount of carbohydrates therefore it is acquired by babies of a decoy is problematic.

Also semolina porridge is exposed to criticism at pediatricians because it contains a minimum of vitamins, minerals. In it there is no cellulose therefore the dish will not stimulate clarification of intestines. It is important that semolina very much of a kaloriyn, the frequent use of a product can lead to obesity.

One more lack of semolina is that it contains phytin. This substance is rich with the phosphorus connecting calcium salts. So, sweet and, apparently, useful semolina does not allow to be acquired in due volume to calcium valuable to development and growth of kids. It is worth to remember also that semolina is cooked on milk. For the first feeding up nonmilk and bezglyutenovy porridges which semolina does not treat will become the ideal choice. It is the best of all to cook for introduction of a feeding up to the baby the buckwheat, rice, made in the industrial way corn porridge. Dishes on cow's milk in general are undesirable in a diet of kids about one year. To speak about harm of semolina porridge as gluten it is possible, that protein gluten or gliadine breaks absorbability of nutrients. This substance leads to thinning mucous intestines, its dysfunction. Harmful gluten can cause a disease a tseliakiya when the child ceases to put on weight and its muscles become thinner. Gluten also often is an allergy source. Cooking semolina porridge for the baby, you remember a possibility of individual intolerance of protein of cow's milk and proteins of cereal cultures. Semolina is a by-product at production of wheat flour. Semolina porridge, despite some shortcomings, nevertheless belongs to dietary products. But as a feeding up to babies it will do more harm, than advantage. It is desirable to include in the child's diet semolina after one year and in small amounts. The dish flavored with butter can lodge in the kids menu after three years. At this time enzymatic and digestive system will already be mature.

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