Why small children tell about the antecedents

Why small children tell about the antecedents

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Children aged from two up to five years often tell strange stories which they I cannot explain to myself, but surely prove to parents that it happened to them in reality.

Why small children tell about the antecedents

The ability of a children's brain to model in consciousness of an event, occurred in antecedents, is studied by experts of different fields of medicine. However still there was no consensus about the mechanism of processes of reproduction of such memoirs. It was succeeded to mark out the general features only.

Features of children's memoirs

Many children tell that they lived in far-away countries, and they had families, and describe everything in fine details. Others say that they remember day of the death and even the reason. On the one hand, it is possible to perceive it as imaginations, with another, strikes a detail of the description of events and people. The children's brain is not able to reproduce such images independently.

The famous scientist in the field of psychotherapy Jim Thaker who studies children's memoirs points that such phenomena become more and more. Therefore it is necessary to accept them as the natural phenomenon called in esoteric exercises reincarnation and demanding the deep analysis. From the point of view of the researchers who are engaged in studying a phenomenon of resettlement of souls in space the reasons of emergence of such memoirs in children aged from 2 up to 7 years are various. First, it can occur as children's awareness is most opened and is not littered with realities of the outside world. Therefore the child is capable to keep and reproduce information from antecedents absolutely exact. Secondly, there is a theory according to which, only the children's brain has unique property to reproduce events, being in the sphere of unknown. The children telling about the antecedents, as a rule, possess IQ above the average, however it does not say that they are geniuses, just they have no signs of mental violations. Also it is noted that such children have birthmarks similar to a scar or congenital problems with health. Itself children explain it with the fact that in antecedents they were traumatized or had serious problems with health.

Correct reaction of parents

In most cases parents trifle with stories by the children, explaining it with impressionability of the child or mobility of children's mentality. However, if the child periodically tells you about such events, it is better to listen. As a result, very folding life story of other person turns out. There are such situations when parents begin to trust in history of the child and check information on the Internet. To the big surprise they find the real historic figures living at that time which is described by the child. In that case you should not press on the kid or his messages to the psychologist as such actions can negatively affect his mentality only. Perceive the child such what he is, you should not impose him others behavior models. Nothing is present terrible that he remembers the antecedents. This period will pass by 6-7 years as at this particular time the new phase in formation of brain activity begins.

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