Why some people live past

Why some people live past

Some people are so absorbed by thoughts of the past that do not think of the future and do not live in the present. The reasons that the person got stuck in some period of own life can be a little. It is important to deal with what was and to go further.


Happens that the person lives past because does not see anything interesting in the real life. Perhaps, circumstances somehow cardinally changed, and he cannot adapt to them, or metamorphoses happened directly to the identity of the individual, and he did not manage to adapt to them, to pick up new hobbies and to correct the way of life.

To release the past some mistake can disturb. The person worries because of a certain event, is not ready to forgive himself the actions made a few years ago and his thoughts spin around the same period of life.

Time of people lives past because it seems what was during this period to it better. He refuses to accept reality and is eager to return to the past. Perhaps, it seems to it, as it was better. Perhaps, the person who thoughts the most part of time stays in the past is frightened by the future. He feels unprotected, uncertain and does not know how circumstances will develop. In this case even uncertainty, but not some bad presentiments can frighten. At last, the people fascinated past and history meet. It is interesting to it to study what was life in far times, to find communications between any given events and to establish the prime causes of global incidents. In this case the absorption in the past is only a hobby.

To forget about the past

If you are tormented by thoughts of the past, try to focus on the present moment. Find interest in life, carry out audit of the values, think up how to diversify own life. Be engaged in study or career, then you will have less time to think of what cannot be changed. Think of the future. Decide on the dreams and construct plans of their implementation. The new purposes and tasks will help you to put the end to the past and to begin new, interesting chapter of your life. Get rid of cargo of the mistakes made far back in the past. You need to realize accurately that you cannot return to that moment and to change something. When you are not imperious to correct a situation, it is necessary only to release it. Take out a lesson from events of the past and forgive yourself and others for what was once. Think what is not enough for you in life that does not suit you in the current situation of affairs. You can make the list of those moments to which it is necessary to pay attention. Stop to take a passive position and undertake change of own reality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team