Why some prefer to steal, but not to earn

Why some prefer to steal, but not to earn

Become thieves for various reasons. But in all cases the person has a choice – to commit theft or to earn necessary means. However the choice not always falls on an honest way.

Bad example

If the person grows in the thieves' environment, then there is a high probability of the fact that he will also become a thief. Activity of parents and close people become a personal example for the child. He perceives it as norm of life. As the result – theft does not become violation of the law for such person.

Even having intelligent family and honest parents, the child can get under an untoward influence of friends and friends. Especially children of teenage age are subject to it. Going for theft, the teenager tries to be same as all. Not to become the derelict in the company, he will go for crime. At the same time the child can steal money from own parents.

For a perfect "adult" act the teenager gets approval and recognition from friends. It becomes more important for it, than an honest way of life.

Negative filmstars or characters of criminal novels can become a bad example for the person. Having made them for itself idols, the person takes their acts as a basis, trying to become similar to chosen ideals.

Life circumstances

One of the reasons that the person became a thief it is vital laziness. If the child does not strive for any goal, he just goes down stream. Subsequently such person does not know how itself can earn a living and does not want to learn. For him it becomes simpler to steal, than to earn. The pedagogical neglect can lead to theft. If parents do not find time for education of the child, are not engaged in it, he feels their indifference to its destiny. He tries to draw with illegal behavior their attention.

Children in dysfunctional families the asocial behavior kind of say to parents and people around that they became such what they were wanted to be seen.

The person who once stole and who served for it in places of detention can not always adapt to normal life. Having gone out of prison, he needs to find a job. If at the person it is impossible to find a job, then he will go for theft again, having found in it a way out of current situation. The deadapted people become thieves recidivists. They do not know what to do on freedom, do not know how to live. Having stayed some time out of walls of prison, the thief consciously goes for crime that he was put again. So they adapt to life. In prison they do not need to worry about means of livelihood. There they are provided with food, a roof, and, perhaps, and work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team